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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
British Airways appear to be offering return flights to New York for £199. That's such an interesting price, I'm intrigued - and with the amount of friends on the internet in the New York area, I'll deliberate on that until the offer runs out, I'm sure.

I've nabbed some games we were never going to sell, and bundling them together to take towards our Game to get something on the cheap. Most likely an Xbox version of Burnout 3. Still, something else might show itself up and intrigue me before then.

In other news, a game I ordered from play.com primarily due to having a track editor in it appears to have a character in it called Dave Gorman. Even if this game turns out to be an absolutely dire experience, I am amused by this.

Now, I sleep. Silly mild headache.

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Or we could treat him to _actual food_.

In all seriousness, Vassar is a lovely place. It's an arboretum (and who doesn't love arboreta?), so there's lots of lovely trees. And in the Fall... well! It might make for a nice day trip, although I wouldn't be at all surprised if you declined. NYC is kinda a hard act to trump.

If I do head towards New York, I can see myself travelling in several directions - I think the initial plan to travel over for just a week (two weeks was too much for me, with California) would not be a long enough time to do anywhere near enough, especially when I add the "meeting people time" on top.

Frankly, I know my limits. I'd be too lazy to travel that extensively, unfortunately. Still, maybe I'll have a better idea of what seems right when I think about it more, for a few weeks.

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