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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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How to win in AIM conversations:
Jusquun (14:41:10): Also, in other news: A girl from New York is set to come over to Enfield for a studying year. She seems interested in becoming friends with me, to aid in her settling into the area.
Buml0r (14:47:58): hooray! :D
Buml0r (14:48:06): got a picture of new york girl...? :)
Jusquun wants to directly connect (14:48:20).
Buml0r is now directly connected (14:48:39).
Buml0r (14:48:41): ahah
Jusquun (14:48:44): No.
Buml0r (14:48:49): AHAHA
Buml0r (14:48:50): you cock

But yes, this sounds like a fun prospect. More pleasant local company in the pipeline. You really can't argue at that.

I have to do a few things today. These include sending a postcard to goggalicious, dogsitting, and seeing if our shop got Burnout 3 today. I was thoroughly entertained to see Tom's reaction to the demo of the game. He told me for his work shift he may be unable to do anything besides play the demo track over and over again.

But yesterday evening I went and watched some men dress up as women. Interesting to see so many faces from so many other pictures, and trying to work out where they came from. As with so many tales set up in the past, a lot of extravagant costumes were on show, with Richard Griffiths and Rupert Everett fighting for the most memorable costume in the film. It wasn't half bad, quite cheeky at times in its dialogue, but a pleasant and interesting film with a poignant showcasing of how dreams can be shattered so easily.

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MEN DRESSED AS WOMEN. You'd be a fool not to!

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