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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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And if all this wisdom is true, then I doubt it could really have come from you...
Don't ask.
So, this journal has had no real update since Thursday? Well, I've been occupied. And lazy.

Extensive work and Burnout 3 have sucked up the majority of the time, although the pleasant girl from New York mentioned in the post on Thursday also interests me, and we've talked a lot. It's certain we're going to get on well when she arrives and it will be a rather open situation, in terms of what may develop.

So, what next for me? Work today. I need a haircut soon. I need to put some money into the bank soon also. phreakychic arrives on Thursday, though will probably be too jetlagged to pester for a while. I need to get a giant Charizard to Neil. I found CD-Rs do not work on the Xbox, but I have burned a CD-RW so I can have some more British music playing while I blast through Burnout 3. And an F-Zero GX track as well, just to throw people. Shame this Xbox hates CD-Rs, would make this easier. I need to amend this mild stomach problem I've had for a few days. Maybe a little less eating, just to cleanse the body a bit.

Earlier today, I just had to answer the phone to tell my mother the time. And just now - we're talking minutes ago - I killed my computer mouse! The wire at the front of it kept getting caught. I gave it a slight yank to attempt to resolve the tautness of it, but instead pulled the wire pretty much out of the mouse itself. That was a bit cumbersome of me.

Still, it's a blessing there's a computer shop above the games shop where I work, so I'll get a direct replacement for it tonight. Can't argue at that. I might even disect this mouse properly, see if I can get it working again when I have more time. And if not, stick it onto a wall or something. As it is, I'm just about to get ready for work.

So, yeah. Tabbed browsing around the monitor. Mmm. Nice and icky.

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Broken mice don't matter when you have good music. :)

It makes me realise how good optical mice are, now having to use a subpar Logitech mouse, with ball inside and dodgy movements.

And good music is always useful. Mmm, music.

Wow. Tabbed browsing on Windows XP. Sounds fun... ^^;;;

To send the message, there was a bit of alt-tabbing, whilst escaping from people messaging me on AIM, before trying to work out how to send a post via the LJ client (ctrl+enter, so you know).

I'm curious how I'm going to talk to certain people on AIM. Selecting the person in particular is a bit difficult, especially as AIM+ has the whole tabbed thing and I can't work out a shortcut to go from tab to tab.

Ach, it won't disappear before your arrival. I think.

I once bought a large plush Charizard for a friend. It was fully poseably, and it looked ace. I wish I had one myself, but I ordered it from a place in Canada (Who in turn imported it from Japan), and they only had one in stock. It was quite expensive too. But I want more Pokemon plushes. Espeon? Yes please!

This one's about three feet tall and has a wingsize of massive proportions (about three feet tall again).

And I want rid of it soon as, it takes up too much blinking space and I don't know how I'd get it sent off. I'm sure it's too large for Royal Mail to want to touch it.

Oh man! That's huge! How much did it set you back?

As for postage, you could try a company like Securicor or Fed-ex. God knows how much it would cost, though.

It didn't, it was acquired from the people that moved out and lived upstairs.

Wow! That's better than leaving a few cans of beer in the fridge!

We also got Caprisun out of the deal.


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