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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The return of the perpetual LOL machine.
Barcode Simplicity
Jusquun (16:05:36): How are you?
Kupuna kahiko (16:06:55): lol
Kupuna kahiko (16:07:01): finished up the home wrok i didnt finish
Jusquun (16:07:18): Ah, before school. Good old school. Isn't it lovely?
Kupuna kahiko (16:07:29): lol
Kupuna kahiko (16:20:17): lol
Jusquun (16:25:02): http://members.cox.net/armaduck/lolmachine.swf
Kupuna kahiko (16:26:06): uh
Kupuna kahiko (16:26:07): lol

I think if someone types "LOL" too many times per hour, the computer should turn off due to the person being way too excitable. I mean, that thing about school wasn't even funny. Yet not only did they laugh at it, but they reflected on it and ten minutes later laughed about it again.


I recieved a letter from the police, saying the date for the court case (about the armed robbery) has been confirmed, and will last for several days, of which I may need to be there for several of them. I felt a pain in my stomach when I read the letter; I don't want to do this. All I can do is say "I go by what the statement I wrote says", for cross-examination would be pointless on me - I can't recall what went on months on, I do blur the bad events out of my life with relative ease quickly.

Also, this court case will occur during the time Mum and Cliff are on holiday, and I need to keep an eye out on Nan as well. This may be an uncomfortable week in the future... and the whole proviso that "if you do not attend without good reason" the police can get into an absolute bitchfest at me isn't pleasant, so I'll have to hope Nan keeps herself out of trouble.

Still, there goes the chance of two weeks of peace and tranquility. Bother.

Tonight I'm tidying my bedroom and sorting out Stephen's computer. I will also attempt to sleep at a reasonable hour so I can wake up earlier tomorrow, to get the dogs out earlier, to head into town and to potentially catch a phone call from Jamie and maybe even meet her, depending what she feels up to.

Last night, I watched Quiz Show. I remember being much younger (a barely double-figure age?) and really enjoying the film's style. It was a bit strange to view some of the scenes, and have them triggered into my head all over again. It makes me wonder if in a few years' time I'll be able look back at titles like Kula World or Super Monkey Ball with that same shocked amazement, as well.

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I was like that when I had to go for a court case. It was made worse by the fact that I was the key witness, it was against someone I went to school with and my memory iss shit anyway. Luckily they pleaded guilty, so I didn't have to go in and just had a nice day trip to Lincoln.

Good luck.

Oh, exactly the same for me, but in Grantham, not Lincoln. Bloody horrible stuff, no?

It's a bloody nightmare. Especially since they just showed you where the witness room was and left you with your own thoughts and sod all to do for a few hours. I was lucky (or something) enough in that it was serious enough to go to the crown court in Lincoln rather than the Grantham Magistrates, so at least the day wasn't a complete loss as I could wander round new places afterwards.

Quiz Show's a great film. Wasn't sure about Rob Morrow's accent though.

Yeah, I was impressed with my younger self for enjoying such a film.

I want to personally thank you for lolmachine.swf

Just show everyone you can, let the LOLs ring strong and true.

I've enough friends as is, but thanks for the offer of hard work to become a friend of yours.

It's when they start saying 'LOL' in real life that it's time to get worried.

This is why I don't bother with messageboards any more. At the meetups I went to they actually said that :(

You could have given them a *slap*.

Hope everything goes all right on the court case front and OMG. If there are people who LOL that many times in one sentance I'd be concerned that maybe there typing from within the confines of a nut house.

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