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You rock, like a stick.

I think flamingkitties found this first: Chav: The Movie. I am scared that they can even attempt to compare this to Quadrophenia at this stage. Besides, you don't need a film to show the Chav culture. You just need to see Fatpie or Chavscum to get a strong idea.

The court case has been moved again, possibly to November from what Asti mentioned. Her father's talked to a policeman on the phone earlier. The policeman informed him that one of the runts that has pleaded not guilty, has done so saying he's been framed by the police - he's done nothing, it's because he's black. So his argument is he was placed in a vehicle that'd crashed with our shop's stock and our CCTV tape in it by the police? Vgood plan.

I'm continuing to find illness after illness hit me. It's enough to make me into a hypochondriac, frankly.

Past the despondence, I met Jamie on Thursday. That went very well. I got her some English food, brought her back here to enjoy English comedy and we left the morning after to take her to her campus, and let her suffer some bland induction stuff. It went so well that it's a bit of a shame I won't see her until Sunday, if I'm lucky. Bother to changes in the work pattern. It means Jamie was expecting to meet me at 7, yet I will be at work until 8. Not a good combination, that.

Anyway, now I sleep. Then I've work in ten hours' time. It's a co-worker's last day there, which is a shame. He's a nice chap and he has helped a fair bit in terms of the shop getting a quasi-decent selection of Asian films and anime into the shop. But I can't blame him at wanting to move on. The shop isn't moving forwards and it feels a bit bland to work there as a result. Before, the hours I worked didn't seem enough. Now, the hours seem to drag on, almost feeling too much to handle. I must look at other avenues of work if the situation doesn't improve in March.

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