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Been about nine days since an update.

Missed me?

Before I make a post about what you guys have missed out on, I feel this warrants a special mention to the gaming fans.

Ape Escape monkeys to feature in Metal Gear Solid 3, and this actually makes me want to buy this game now, despite my absolute uselessness at the previous titles.

In other non-news: I noticed a child that was quite perturbed at the lack of finding any bogeys in his nose. However, after shoving an index finger up each nostril at the same time, he was as pleasantly surprised by what he found, just as his mother turned round and was shocked by her child having fingers rammed up his nostrils. I don't know why I watched this, besides being bored in a post office queue and seeing this train-crash of an event occuring. And being curious of if it actually worked better than normal delving methods.

Tonight I'm buying someone some plane tickets, apparently. Seems like a nice random thing to do. Besides, the money they pass on to repay me will arrive in a little while and can be used for Christmas presents for other people. I'm also working with a new staff member for the first time, called Bill. I'm curious how good he'll be at the job as I've already noticed a few oddities already lying about.

I've got through the six month beta demo of Football Manager 2005 now. Not sure what to make of it. I enjoyed it but yet didn't find it special yet. I sense the customising options are what interest me the most anyway, so I'm not too fussed about the game until I see what you can do to alter it.

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