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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I have pins and needles as I begin typing this post. As a smattering of some information of when I was younger and stupider, pins and needles would be referred to as "fizzy feet" or "fizzy fingers" by myself to parents, guardians or teachers. I am right now learning typing as fast as possible with pins and needles is actually quite fun. It's a tremendously mild case of sadism on display for all to see, folks.

I've really been a lazy one about updating this journal in recent weeks. It's not a bad thing. You simply miss out on more waffling. I halfheartedly began a long post on the 27th. It was a post, several paragraphs long, about the time spent around Jamie, when all that needs to be said is that I have been spending a lot of time with her. The Rivers family has become a surrogate family to her and this flat is her home from home. Staying here seems one of the few things she appreciates about Middlesex at the moment. The friendship we have has grown rapidly over the last few weeks, and I've been trying to keep her entertained while she pulls her hair out from her discomfort with her dorm and her general malaise.

That was easier to write than the garbage I had written days ago...

But with that discomfort, I've been out and about and also trying out new games and enjoying new films.

Films watched since the last post, with a small burst of opinion subsequently:
Shaun of the Dead. Always entertaining. I keep recommending this to Americans.
Battle Royale II. A slight disappointment, but only due to how much of a statement the film tried to make.
Collateral. Very entertaining, though a disappointingly obvious ending.
Super Size Me. Very interesting to view. Engrossing, even. Hoho.
Hero. So slow-paced it made me feel sleepy... it'd be to do with the excessive fight sequences.
Ring. It didn't entertain in the slightest. It followed only Onside Soccer in going out of my bedroom window.

Games played, with a short review again:
G-Surfers, PS2. Cost ten pounds, and plays like it.
Outrun 2. Played it to death in an evening. Fun while it lasted, mind.
Typing of the Dead. Absolute genius. And downloadable these days.
Football Manager Beta Demo. Downloadable via here. Looks like it'll be a solid release next month.

Mum and Cliff leave to go to Greece this morning. This will leave me two weeks of free house fun. Except: little has been planned, so I'll probably just laze around and play games without needing to walk the dog or eat healthily or bathe, and so on.

A friend of mine who works in a chemist popped into the games shop today with a box, which contained a few Viagra tablets, that someone in the back of the shop had given him for some reason. As he had no use for them, I was allowed to take them on the proviso they are wrapped up and given to my grandfather as a Christmas present, and pictures are taken of him unwrapping the present.

I might buy Eternal Sunshine... online soon. I liked its stylised madness and its reverse love-story. Years back, I'd be patient enough to leave that as a good idea for a Christmas present to the family. But now, it's easier to just get it and ask for money. Hardly the spirit of Christmas, but it means they're not wasting my money by paying over the odds for items.

I stole Jamie's glasses and a picture or two was taken of me like this. I have uploaded these pictures only because when I was younger I always wished my vision would become useless so I could wear glasses, thinking they looked good on such great people as Egon Spengler and... well, pretty much anyone looked more attractive with them to my younger persona. Egon without glasses would have looked so mundane, for example. For years I tried on any glasses anyone would let me try on and alas looked awful. However, those glasses, in their light-hearted red-framed manner, have made me notice glasses can suit my face. It surprised me and made me excited again, in a strange way.

I've been to London twice in recent days. Once with Jamie, once with Louise and both times were fun and revolved around the Trocadero area, with brief browses around Tottenham Court Road thrown in. London doesn't strike me as somewhere exciting to go to in the near future - maybe more late night travelling will make me realise what the city has to offer, and subsequently scare me with. Maybe travelling to new sectors and being surprised at what London offers sounds a good idea too.

I need to arrange a trip to Bristol. I also need to sleep.

I lastly need to work out how many hours I feel comfortable working in the week. There's a lot of new staff there, fighting for very limited hours. I'd like to know what's going on there and how I can turn things so I don't lose out on more hours, or even my job.

Yeah, now seems a good time to end this.

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You + Glasses = HOTTTTTTT

I like the facial hair too. Cute cute cute.

For a few years, where I was in the later end of school there were no people in that school that wore glasses with style. I almost forgot about how nice people could look with them.

And so you know, that picture of you in those glasses is very nifty. Though it appears with the look of happiness in that picture, you know that already.

I like the pictures! Are you really going to give those Viagras to your grandfather? ;)

I have to. You don't get things like this dropping down into your lap every day. An amusing, free, Christmas present. Perfection.

Oh Deanie! You should damage your eyes so you have to wear glasses all the time. ^_^

You and Jamie sound adorable, lad. When Gaff next comes down to visit, we're going to stalk you and her and make silly noises at you.

I'll have to think about it!

In a way, I find it a bit ironic that given the desire to wear glasses when I was younger, one of the best-working parts of me are my eyes - I can see clearly for quite a way, I've better vision than most.

You lucky bastard - I look horrid in my glasses. :) I'm glad I have contacts now though, mm, sexy.

Mmm. Glasses kinda work on a scruffy git.

Try them on Gaff.

You should order Eternal Sunshine from Amazon America via my goodcowfilms.com link so I get 5%.

I was thinking about that, but can I get a Region 2 disc from the US site? Seems a bit... impractical, given there's a .co.uk version.

No, but I figured everyone in England had region-free players for everything.

And just ignore the expensive international shipping charges.


Get a goodcowfilms.com link to the UK site?

Then I would owe the UK government tax money.

Oh man, I loved Hero. It's one of my favourite films of all time, mostly because it's not as Hollywood-y as most recent kung fu films I've seen. Plus Tony Leung + Maggie Cheung = favourite HK movie pairing EVAR <333 Oh and btw you probably got the bastardised version (ie cut to heck, will have made more sense in original cut) of the film. It came out in Malaysia about two years ago.

The dialogue seemed rather unimpressive between the fights, which didn't help make the fights seem as seperate entities. It just felt like a few long slow-motion fights.

The lack of inspiring dialogue also made it difficult to care for the welfare of the king or the assassin, in the end. But the romantic duo did indeed seem very appropriate together.

The original cut has a better balance of story and fight scenes. They (MIRAMAX IS TO BLAME) deleted most of the dialogue sequences and kept the fights for American audiences.

I'm glad to hear there was more dialogue to the film, compared to what I experienced.

Ugh, don't talk about that Sunshine film. >;) Nice posing too, Dean. ;D Very fetching.

Why don't you wander around the Southbank a bit more? Quite an interesting area to walk around, although the best place to be in London at night is around Leicester Square/Soho area.

Make sure you get the hours *you* want at work! Shouldn't you have priority anyway? I understand that the new guys need to be taught everything, but you should get priority considering you've worked there longer.

I am a flash bastard by nature. Besides, someone once made a big deal of my eyes being a very dark brown, so I wanted to show.

The thing is, I'm usually too goal-driven. I can't just wander that easily. I like to have a plan about what's going on... so I shall attempt to change that, and just go for a walk. I mean, I did that one day when I decided to just keep walking south and ended up walking around the parks and Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament etc. Was quite nice, in a strange way.

And I will make sure I get the hours I want, with the exception of if you leave. When you go, I'll probably go too. I also meant I wanted to work with both new guys to see how they work, point out the little things that're going wrong.

Speaking of that, remember that situ with Sims Busting Out on the Gamecube? It's disappeared. I can't recall what happened there... but I thought I checked stock for it physically and it was there, I brought it up to the counter as the person was reserving it, then I don't know past that. Ah well. Tom's just getting tetchy because he's trying to suck up a bit to Dean, getting on his good side for when Simon leaves, so he can jostle into the manager's position, perhaps.

What was the name of this man that said it to you? ;)

I know what you mean, but sometimes it's just nice to throw plans out the window and just take a wander around there. Between the Tate Modern and Tower Bridge there's a little parade of strange shops just off the path by the Thames; very odd. :)

Yes I remember that, and I'm quite sure I remember seeing you holding it in your hands. I saw you put it in the reserved drawer, as it was still in its slip case. Is he really? Well don't let him - I want YOU to get that job. ;D And Dean, I'd hate for you to ever leave on my account (though I'd do the same if you left!)

Oh I just noticed - you didn't like Ring?! Please don't tell me you liked the American version either. ¬_¬ Not a patch! I thought it was a horribly disturbing film.

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