Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Old man grumbling.

My hatred in mobile phones has actually been ignorant. I should have devoted my hatred on text messages - and to expand upon this, I despise the fact that it means some very stupid questions can be asked via them. Stuff people wouldn't say over the phone for fear of sounding like a complete idiot to bystanders. From now on, when I get annoyed by stupid questions from people, I'm replying via websites only. I don't think that I want to count the ten-pences Virgin have made out of me offering short responses to inane questions. It'd be fine if these people asked all the questions in one text, but no, drag the responses out, make me suffer, MAKE ME BLEED.

Another thing I dislike is when people I say I'm just like someone or they know someone just like me. Especially when they use a shriek of amusement in the similarity, or point and say "OH MY GAWD YOU'RE JUST LIKE..." and so on. I think this is due to the fact I can still be a little uncomfortable with my persona and anyone just like me deserves my pity, but then that sounds egotistical to offer, especially if they're just like me. Woe is you indeed.

Straws. Used to find them great. Now, I am disheartened by them. Drinks always feel less thirst-quenching when you drink with a straw, it feels. I am amazed at how I sip and drink bit by bit with a glass or a mug or even from a 2 litre bottle, but yet can't get enough when drinking with a straw. It's almost like a conspiracy!

Walkers. They're getting stupid now, with their limited edition crisp flavours. Basil and Tomato? The pretentious twits. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding? Remember - someone's getting paid for these ideas! Someone's getting paid to test these flavours, to eat these crisps and dictate that they may need "more yorkshire pudding". Next week: savour the prospect of plankton and oilrig flavour.

"He was a lovely kid," being stated to kids who died as Darwin wanted, in stupid circumstances. The obituary for some kid (who was hit by a truck at 4 AM because he'd been running in front of vehicles and throwing eggs at them as they went past) paraded him as the new messiah. He'd better not re-appear. He's someone that would be scrounging for money from everyone else in a few years' time. Good riddance to the bugger.

Dust. It really shows how lazy I am when the dust starts to settle around the room, on the monitor, the television - there's a lot of dust under the Xbox. But the effort of tidying is all I have to muster, dusting alongside it is like suicide to me. And why do we need dust? It's hell for people with allergies. Can't we just send all the dust off into space or outsource it all to Asia, like the call centres.

OUTSOURCING JOBS TO ASIA. The capitalist bastards. I hope international tax laws start to screw these companies over in the very near future.

These darker evenings. I'm going to be working more evenings than usual soon, and I really don't like to suffer the coldness and the darkness. At least the shop has lots of security things, I have the ability to sneak away a minute or two early (just in case) and the clocks change around soon, making days a little lighter soon.

And now I'll write something happier. I just needed a grumble.

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