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Old man not grumbling.

Hovercraft racing. Now, that looks so much more fun than F1! And surely it would be far cheaper to run. Multisurface track racing - we could have competitions anywhere that's not too bumpy. It would be a lot of fun for sure. It'll also make a great stopgap until cars are developed to run on water and land. When I have money we're all going hovercraft racing.

The shimmering property of mushrooms. Pull a stalk from one and look at the part that'd normally not be exposed. It shimmers. It's pretty. And tastes nice, unlike over shimmery substances like quicksilver or coins.

Free games. Jardinains (4.4mb) - Every Extend (9.8mb) - Truck Dismount (2mb) and Sticky Balls (1.3mb) are all very entertaining games to tinker with.

Games that allow customisation. From the ability to 'play' any music track in Vib-Ribbon to the ability to make your own tracks in racing games, players in football games and characters in Disgaea, the ability to allow myself further control in a game is something I've adored since the days of Sensible Soccer. Pro Evo 4 came into the shop today, the first thing I did was attempt to make someone that looked like me, to the best of my abilities. I came very close too.

Baths. Due to no showers being installed in Mum's flat or Nan's flat until a few years back, I've only taken a handful of showers - when on holidays, etc. As a result, I can never relax if I have a shower - baths always feel so much nicer. The ability to lay back and relax and think of things while you soak. There's not many places where we can be awake and yet completely laze away without someone trying to interrupt, so I am pleased that baths exist.


I'd actually started writing this two days ago, to compliment the grumbly post. However, with a few things getting in the way of me actually completing the post, and my attitude back to blasé, I can't really end this post properly. So, pfft. I'm sure I'll ramble on about happy things soon.

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