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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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THE WORLD OF buml0r.

There is a pungent smell. Murmurs are abound that there is a dead body somewhere in the auditorium, someone may have died watching the film. A person walks in wearing a jacket that says DEAD BODY OFFICER, and approaches a SMALL BOY with his DEAD GRANDMOTHER sitting behind DAVE. Everyone else is asked to leave.


People are mingling in the foyer from the auditorium. DAVE notices the SMALL BOY leave the auditorium, and is curious as to why he seems so unbothered by the proceedings.

DAVE: Are you the guy with the dead body?


DAVE: Ah mate. What was that about?

SMALL BOY: She was my grandmother.

DAVE: Oh dude.

A pause.

DAVE: Not to be morbid - well, it will in fact be morbid anyway, but - okay, to be morbid, was she dead when you brought her here or not? Did she die during the film, or did you actually bring a corpse to the film?

SMALL BOY: She died a while ago. She's been very dead for days. The other day some furniture fell on her stomach, and her eyes popped out.

DAVE: Oh, mate.

DAVE puts an arm around the SMALL BOY's shoulder.

SMALL BOY: She loved seeing films. I just thought it would be nice if I could bring her to see one last one.

The SMALL BOY sniffs, there is a pause.

DAVE: Should've just brought the eyes.


I made Dave's default icon. I've always been very proud of that one.

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That is a creepy story. :D

ahaha, it works

This is a word-for-word transcript of a dream I woke up from giggling this morning. I know it's verbatim because I was laughing so much I made sure to remember it all and write it down straight away.

Rest of the dream was me and Dad trying not to laugh while the poor boy continued being sad.

Look at that icon guys.

Your icon is very flash. ;)

I think the DEAD BODY OFFICER establishes the theme nicely.

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