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More of the same, less of the mirth.

The police drama carries on. I'm now being told I have to go to an ID parade at Tottenham's police station (preferably on Friday) to tell the police I have no idea what another person involved in the robbery looks like. That's put a dampener to the rather grey day outside.

In the recent future I've been doing things for other people again - finding games on the cheap for people and then sending them on. As an example: Outrun 2 was Game's Deal of the Day on Friday. I've paid £20 for a game that's sitting in an envelope here... but I also know buying it was pointless. Yes, it's a very good game to play every now and then, and I had fun with the time I played it - but I've enough to complete, so I'm simply going to keep it in the envelope and send it to someone else, who'd been after the game for a while but didn't see a £40 price tag as fair. Likewise, Holly will be getting Sly Raccoon posted to her today, once I get out of the house.

Yesterday, I saw Saw. As others who have seen the film have said, there's really too many chances for awful puns based off the film name. There were some unintentionally amusing moments but the film did have a really fun storyline - of the most gory kind. Jamie, who I saw the film with, was thoroughly entertained with how it ended.

Over the last week I've become quite addicted to Pikmin 2. There is a problem in the fact that I strive to be a perfectionist on this - and I also didn't learn certain aspects of the game until days in, with lots of dead Pikmin. I've already started the game for the third time, and feel a desire to start again for a fourth time, despite the fact I've blazed through the beginning of the game, with 30% of the debt cleared after a few days, with only three casualties as well.

So, I've a social life of sorts, work, internet friends and this journal. Having all these things in my life at the same time has made me notice how lethargic I can be. I'm too tired these days, I need to do more and get more out of each day. With the exception of work, where a little above bare minimum is often enough. Not that I advocate that, it's just hard to feel motivated when you're sitting around, staring down at the other end of the shop, mumbling at how cold it is since the git that just walked in has left the shop door open.

My body usually deals with the cold really well. Not this year, it appears. I'm becoming laden and looking podgy - a new layer of clothing has to be worn every month, it appears. As I am going out in the afternoon I am projecting that I will only be needing three layers today.

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