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She was indeed poked.

The Christmas period brings along some excellent foods. Tubs of Cheeselets (crackers with cheese powder inside) and Toffifee sweets (hazelnut in caramel with nougat and chocolate) get stored around this time, to the best of my ability... until I binge on them.

A fantastic game finally arrives next week and I'm truly anticipating it, I've told people at the games shop. Yes, Sly Raccoon 2 finally makes it here - on the same day as GTA: San Andreas, which everyone else in Enfield is apparently anticipating. I'm expecting a majorly busy week from Monday at our shop. I'm going to wait until acquiring Sly 2, maybe see if a second-hand copy comes in. I know it's quite hard to pick up the original second-hand, and as a result I have a fear of losing the chance of obtaining it forever if I don't order it from Amazon now.

I am enjoying the prospect of turning kids away if they don't look 18, mind. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

But truth be told, I've enough to keep me entertained - Pikmin 2 especially has me engrossed. Away from consoles, Jamie and I have attempted a few games of Scrabble and concocted various permutations of that Texas Holdem poker - the most bizarre variant being having to place the cards on your head, letting your opponent know what you have but not knowing yourself. Quite entertaining, nonetheless.

I might ask for something odd like poker chips as a Christmas present as a cheap and novel thing, and also so the family may play more games together. It doesn't happen often enough and learning some basic card games will help that occur more often.

We also bought a mixer-blender-thingy (the proper term escapes me) to attempt to make milkshakes like you can buy at the Haagen Dazs cafe in Leicester Square. Our first attempt was pretty close to a complete failure, alas. More attempts will occur soon, though - if it gets worked out, the prospect of delicious milkshakes from home makes me happy. Other incredible crises occured earlier in the week - Jamie wanted to meet up with me somewhere after work finished on Wednesday. I suggested to meet at a place slightly out of the way for me after work, and as soon as work ended the heavens opened. I got very wet on the way to meeting her, and as it kept getting worse we found refuge at bus stops and at a nearby McDonald's, before fortunately getting Mum to pick us up. We would have been soaked through otherwise - and if I was soluble I would not be here writing this now.

Tomorrow I see the police and tell them I have no idea what's going on again. Me and Jamie will plan what else happens afterwards, and I'll call up James and Tony, see what they're doing. This social life seems to involve using a phone lots. I'm too cheap to maintain this lifestyle, I am.

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