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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It's not really news any more!
Ickle Cute Thing
Sly 2 will be rented. Something about it leaves me with a sense of pondering... I'm not sure it needed the change and the expansion of other characters, but time will tell. It didn't gel for me with Sonic Adventure 2, and that's the last example I can think of that used it that I had a good attempt at playing through.

So. Tonight's been quiet, given what I expected. I'm currently sitting around in the shop bored. Every copy of San Andreas available for sale has been pre-ordered. Which is unprecedented for this shop. I fear for the people on my friends list who work in games shops, who'll have to deal with this. There's the interesting correlation between the average potential purchaser of the game and the language they use. It's well under my head, I'm afraid.

I've been spending time free messing around with Pro Evolution Soccer 4, making a team up. The people in the team are staff members and some of the more frequent customers who stand out/loiter. I'll try to take photos of my television later, show a pic or two of me on there, for some people to smirk at.

Through rushing around too much today, I realised I've not had a chance to brush my teeth. My mouth feels horrible. I can't imagine how when I was much younger I could "forget" to brush my teeth in abject laziness. My mouth really must hate my lazy brain. It'd bite some sense into it if it could, I wager.

Tomorrow I need to head into Enfield. I especially want to go buy some more yellow t-shirts and put a little money into the bank. I also have money sitting around in Paypal meaning I may go on a splurge, finding some quirky old things on ebay. I'm going to get a copy of Tommi Makinen Rally by hook or by crook, due to its physics being some of the worst I've ever seen in a rallying game and some of the most inappropriate music you can find in a game (bluegrass just doesn't work in a rally game).

So. Three minutes left before the shop's meant to be closed. Time to get the shop shut up properly. I'll be back at home tonight and will have a good try at Sly 2, so won't be around online. Still, I can be contacted through here and email and I'm sure that only popping online sporadically means I don't sit around rambling about nothing to too many people.

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me and my brother are waiting for GTA:SA. But predictably, we really can't play the games themselves, we just aint good enough at it. We play with cheats and try and get everybody possible to come after us. And we only swear when dad aint around. I bet the people up the road in choices are happy to hear that!

I still have yet to purchase Sly 2, but I've been having the same feeling as you - was the change in format really that necessary? I liked playing as Murray in the little racing or cover missions, but I'm not sure I really want to go beyond that.

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