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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Illin' fun.
Faux warrior
I am currently watching an elephant underwater. Good for them.

I'm especially pleased that I'm doing this, as it means I am at home and not at work. The clocks changed overnight, meaning I'd have been working until eleven, effectively. This comes at a time when I don't feel motivated enough to work, let alone until pretty late hours. If I have to have an illness during the time where I don't work, that's fine by me. I've only got a cold-like illness, which I'm trying to prevent getting worse. I'll call up and inform the boss to attempt to change the schedule around so I can recover properly, and not work until Saturday.

To minimise the issue of a runny nose, I have had bits of toilet roll paper up my nose for most of the time that I've been at home, where nobody can see this and laugh at the image. Of course, visualising it in a post isn't the smartest thing to do - but it's a lovely pastel pink, at least.

I've been in the mood to buy things. I keep browsing ebay for junk but ended up ordering things on Amazon - K-Pax, cheap and cheerful poker chips and Jon Stewart's book of America.

I'm trying to prevent myself from acquiring any game that's priced over £20, for winter. I should bide my time enjoying what I have, and wait for games to come in second hand. This year's selection of games that're arriving over here just in time for Christmas are pretty intriguing as far as I'm concerned.

29/11: Sly Raccoon 2
5/11: Football Manager (got), FlatOut (awful)
12/11: Paper Mario 2 (got), Ratchet and Clank 3
19/11: Tales of Symphonia
26/11: Metroid Prime 2, Prince of Persia 2, Xbox Pro Evo 4
3/12: Mario Tennis

Spectacular amount of sequels in that lot, alas. Still, a few of those may pop into the shop second-hand before Christmas.

I also bought some more bright yellow t-shirts. They'll be fun to modify to a Pacman top you may have seen in Penny Arcade. I've wanted to do this for quite a while, being a bit of a strange person and also noticing a lack of yellow in my brightly-coloured wardrobe.

Tonight I'll play a game or two. I've got lots of things I can do while I'm recovering, a lot of games and films I've bought but never watched. I'm content with the thought of doing things like this for a week or so.

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I hate the fact they've named it "Prince of Persia 2". Wasn't the original "Prince of Persia 2" released back in 1993? I have it back at home.


Re: Old Man Mumbling.

Retro sequels that aren't properly named are a pain in the arse. Outrun 2 isn't the first sequel to the original (Even if you don't count the home spinoffs Turbo Outrun, and Outrun 2015, or whatever the year was). Outrunners was the arcade sequel. Although, to be fair, I didn't know of its existance until I came across an emulator that supported it. And Strider 2, the 3D update, seemed to ignore the fact that a game of the same name already existed. And so on.

I enjoy the fact that these poker chips will be cheerful, as well.

Elephants are the nicest creatures alive, did you know that?

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