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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The perils of getting bored whilst at work.
dean r: Ach. I'm suffering people with rather low IQs asking for GTA: San Andreas.
dean r: I don't need these games need an age restriction, more an IQ restriction.
dean r: People don't need ID cards, but IQ cards. Then if one of them, say, wanted to rent out Amelie, you'd check their IQ card, and go "Oh no, your IQ's at 88. You couldn't possibly follow this film as they speak another language to what you do, and the idea of reading whilst watching a film is too much for you. Shall I go find a film with big explosions in for you instead?"

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I like when things go boom! :D

Swordfish fan, if I recall.

The intro's always spiffing, even if the plot gets a little annoying in places.

I completely agree with this. Craig and I amuse ourselves by listening to whining of underaged kids who want the game, and insist that they are mature by saying that they will kill their parents if they don't get it and other very adultlike things!

Imagine forcing someone to complete IQ tests and psychological tests to determine if they deserve to possess what they want.

And if you link that to the Democrats and Iraq's oil at any point, it's not my fault.

That game makes me happy. I love Kool G Rap and DJ Polo

That game hasn't been played by me. The previous games just weren't my cup of tea, to sound English and pompous about it.

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