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When work becomes dull...

We have a stand of some large-breasted 'femme fatale' from the WWE showing off their new wrestling game. Her grin is one of pure cheese. I'd had enough. We had HalfLife 2 point of sale things arrive yesterday. Gordon Freeman's face adorns several posters and boxes around the shop. I decided I had to go one better on this, and with the skill Asti showed in cutting accurately, we ended up with this:

There's a 1024x768 version of this picture. I've only made this to shove onto the work PC when I get bored, but thought someone else might appreciate it enough to want it as a background.

Yesterday, I commented I'd upload a pic or two of things I bought in a fit of gluttony. I'll LJ-cut these.

The maroon Converse trainers, and the rest of me now the hair's grown back a bit, back to a comfortable level.

I felt at £30 I was paying too much for those trainers but that's apparently very cheap. You also get to see me in a neutral-coloured top, something that doesn't happen very often.

Lastly, you can see the room that's been well loved, including a curtain that's fallen down, a shoebox on the bed, crisps on the bed, sweets on the windowsill, and possibly Wally.

The Cyberdog t-shirt I just bought. It's too cold to wear it without layers on top of it for quite a while.

Bonus picture! See my friend Trudi ogling "Gordon" up good.

A slightly unusual situation happened at work between a very lippy guy and Asti. He was trying to harass me for a little more money for what he wanted to sell me, being lippy and demanding when he was in no position to do so - almost as if he was trying to induce fear to give him more money. I was enjoying being steadfast and seeing him getting more and more agitated. Asti, hearing this guy's lack of respect and getting disgusted by the second by his presence, told him to stop being so rude (and I'm surprised her tongue wasn't sharper) which caused him to spew mild abuse at her, stating he could "box her up" or cause some form of origami-based pain unto her. Asti simply stood up to him and at that point he took the money and ran, muttering comments from the back of the shop, where the yellow streak down his back wasn't visible.

Personally, I just want rid of people like that when they come in. I don't pander to them but I try to get rid of them as soon as I can, one way or the other. Still, with the entertaining comments Asti made he won't come back and we won't miss him.
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