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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Family amusements and frustrations.
Le sigh!
Today I had to write a letter to the Housing Association about the people upstairs being uncultured oiks, or somesuch. I had to print it in dark red ink as the black ink is not coming out of the printer as it should do. This is a bad thing as I have a hell of a lot of black ink lying around, so I may have to clean the printer out, or figure another way to improve the quality of the printing. I also printed out a few pictures for Cliff, for his tattoos. I've researched a little into the problem my uncle has with his PC and so may be able to fix it pretty quickly when I head there later today. I've even organised work so I'm not working tonight, potentially letting me work on something for myself tonight.

So, things are calmer. Calm enough for me to write an amusing story about Nan again.


As you may or may not know, Walkers Crisps are offering Walkometers to people if you go to their website and pester them. As this sounded a good idea, I thought of a few addresses while Jamie was here and set it up so a Walkometer would go to her dorm, here at my mother's house and one would arrive at Nan's, who wouldn't use it so I could nab it off her.

The first Walkometer arrived at Nan's. I forgot to inform her of this arrival, and when it got there she was shocked and slightly insulted, believing it was a joke from someone in the family due to how much she stays indoors. After the initial shock and the working out who sent it she's been actively using it, and is quite amused by it. She sung its praises so much I had to order one for Bill from the website.

Meanwhile, the Walkometer I have sits in its plastic packaging still; I'm too lazy to mess around with it.


However, just when I was feeling cheerful this morning what with getting those quirky chores done and getting things resolved, Mum comes back and tells me of something fun. She's ordered me a sofabed for my bedroom. In her excitement to get it, she didn't check if it'd fit in the room. The sofabed wasn't even there in the shop to look at, she just looked at a small picture of it.

In fact, in her excitement to get it she didn't consult me until she came back with the receipt. She also told me that she's only paying the deposit, and that I've got to pay the other £140 for it. This is despite the fact I've been asking her for weeks if we can go somewhere else where a shop might have been selling them for a significant amount less, and I'd researched into it and found it would fit in this room.

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I got narked, my brother ordered a walkometer for him at our address and he cycles to school ect - so me, the one who loves to walk and is trying to activly lose weight - won't be able to use it if it's his. I've thought about sending them to relatives but tbh i don't get on with my relatives so they'd probably just chuck it >_<
I'm thinking of throttling my dear little brother for his walkometer. Dang i'm sad. ;D

They hate me ever since i climbed over the fence into their garden after their kittens when i was 6 O_o;;

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