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A week since a post: not much of the past in this post.

I used to tell people online that if I didn't post an entry within a week of my last, I was probably dead. I'm amused at how wrong I was, being preoccupied with ample work and Jamie visiting frequently. In the past I'd write about mundane things extensively. Now, I have more interesting things happen, which I don't have time to write about - or worse, I have so many things happen I forget some of them.

Financial things are looking better - after giving a little bit of money out as loans to people, the money is starting to come back in again, which means I've got the chance to splurge for Christmas. Main thing that tempts me is on Homestar Runner, but given the extravagant postage costs to the UK, I thought I'd enquire on here if other people wanted things on this site, to subsidise the charge a little. If anyone plans to order anything from there for Christmas, I'm sure things can be arranged.

Yes, it's coming up to Christmas and I'm looking for things for me. I'm not a demanding type, but I've been told I have to find some things to desire, so I can buy them, get the cash back from the family, let them wrap the items up, and then I can get to unwrap it on the day. So far, only one present I'm getting is a surprise to me. That person knows what items I want to get them. Pfft.

I have been buying things, though. I took a few old games I never played and went on a part-exchanging splurge of Game Boy Color games. Jamie fell in love with a cheesy old lime green Game Boy Color and I thought it'd be one way for her to enjoy a gaming system without having to worry about problematic chargers from this country when she got back there. Also, I'm too cheap to buy someone a current-generation console. As if you couldn't guess my Scrooginess. I'm going to write a post about the last week so I'll write more about them there, if it seems apt.

I need to learn to sell on eBay. I have lots of junk that could also make for a pleasant nest egg coming up to Christmas, but I'm just a bit too paranoid for this selling lark. I keep scaring myself out of doing it. I should soon, I've got three copies of one game I don't even want, just because I know it'll make some cash. Such is the perk of working where I do, I suppose.

In the next few days there are several chores to do: sorting out more Direct Debits for Nan's Sky Television, putting money into banks to keep companies happy, buying presents for people and other miscellaneous bits and bobs that makes me want to avoid working tomorrow night as well. Frankly, I'm sure it's going to be manic in that shop and not working right now will cause ample distress, but... I'm in a lazy mood, shy of getting these things out of the way so I can relax. I'd only do the least possible work in that shop, so they may as well pay someone else that amount to do more work than I. Again, another perk of the independent shop.

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