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A day since a post: a post of the past.

So, where was I? On Tuesday I was told Mum had ordered a sofabed for me without telling me anything of it - I said I'd do something about it...

So on Wednesday, I was to go to the shop with Jamie to check if it'd actually fit into the room, and if it looked good enough for me to be shelling out on it. After a perusal of a picture and an examination of measurements, I found it would be a struggle to fit it into the room, but it was nice enough to ask them to keep me in touch with what goes on about it, so I can ensure we can examine it upon the arrival of it at the shop. It should be fine. I've heard nothing for a week about it, though. We almost bought comedy DVDs in Woolworths on impulse, but I showed my miserly tendencies when I changed my mind and left them. Also, I noticed tangible chart music has gotten expensive. The singles market is horrifically overpriced compared to legitimate mp3 download sites, let alone the "free" option. Work was the usual: busy, while I felt lazy.

Thursday, a lazy day. Jamie had to rush off to school, I wandered off to work a little early. Pretty dead day. Work was the usual: busy, while I felt lazy. I appreciate a good lazy day here and there, it also buzzes me up to do a lot of travelling for the next day.

Friday, a day around London. Jamie was heading off for Bristol for the weekend so we went into the city to get her train tickets. We ended up having a fair old travel around, trying to find eccentric laces and more Japanese candy and even looked around for a few cheap and fun computer games. I ending up getting Sly Raccoon 2 as something that'll be wrapped up as a pseudo-Christmas present, and Zelda: Minish Cap to play on whenever.

Saturday, work. Sunday, work. Actually, for this weekend I was quite busy - a lot of work in the shop was there to be done, alongside a lot of chores to be done on the weekend. It all turned out pleasantly enough. All the money from work that week has been given to Mum to help pay for Christmas presents and the meal for the day itself. It'll mean Mum will make another extravagant meal this year, just to impress everyone and scare Jamie.

Monday, I went into London to pick up Jamie. I decided to head into London at one o'clock and have a good traipse around until Jamie arrived at six, and I decided I wouldn't spend any more than the £40 in my pocket. I must have been walking for five or six hours straight, which wasn't as exhausting as I expected... I'd guess I walked about fifteen miles in the day, in the end. Was actually really nice in the end, and I picked up several cheap Game Boy Color games on the day in a few game shops I erratically found. Highlights included finding Super Mario Brothers Deluxe and Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, both classic games I've always wanted to play again when I found the time. I also bought Jamie a Gloomy Bear keyring-phonestrap-thing to go with a Devil Bear bag she found in Camden months back.

I found the time that evening. During construction work outside on our road, a power cable was cut through - I was told by Mum that we had no power here from 3 PM until 4 AM. After moving all the items in our freezer to someone else's house, I played on the GBA all evening, with these newly acquired games and Zelda: Minish Cap occupying the majority of my time.

Tuesday, another lazy day. I think it was spent mainly getting through Paper Mario, another game to grab my attention with its simplistic style and clever ways of introducing more things into the characters' repetoires. I met up with Jamie, I ate an unpleasant toad in the hole (sausages in batter base) and to walk off the stomachache we went to the games shop, rented out Battle Royale and were about to watch it, until we noticed Peep Show showed up on television. Absolute genius, that show.

Wednesday, ill. Toad in the hole caused discomfort. Me and Jamie stayed inside watching films as a result. Battle Royale, Withnail & I and The Big Lebowski in succession. Thursday, more of the same. Just lazing around and working out what to watch - we planned to see a film, but found there to be nothing but garbage on at the local cinema. With that we intend to get up early and head off to see The Incredibles tomorrow morning at a very early time for us. It should be an entertaining plan.

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