Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Short-term relationship with the all seeing eye.

And other such pompous nonsense for a subject line. I'm trying not to babble in this post, just thinking of words, writing a paragraph at most about it, and moving on. Isn't that a fun idea?

Channel 4's Peep Show. Why did I not get completely smitten by this by the end of the first series? I recall enjoying it but not making a big fuss over it. The time to make a big fuss would obviously be now, if I were able to show off the wonderfully evil dialogue without having to write a lot.

Argos. I am charging down there tomorrow no matter what to get Mum's big elaborate Christmas present - one of those massive George Foreman grills they're advertising at half price. But is it a bit of an insult to give your mother cooking equipment? It's like when guys get deoderant - we're chuffed that people notice we stink, thanks for giving us the option to have a different stench instead.

Travel. Slight desire to do so soon - maybe another trek around London, maybe a trek to somewhere exotic. Not sure what I crave, if it's just to be out and about more, or to see a lot of completely new things. This'll pass, it feels quite a foreign notion for me.

My room. Jamie's staying over more than ever. My room's starting to feel chaotic. I'm getting lazy or disorganised, but I seem to keep desiring to tidy this room up and yet keep failing. I may have to find some way of making the project worth it.

The almighty dollar. I need to import some random US junk over. Do I get a Nintendo DS while it's so cheap? I wonder what form of converter I'd need to get for the plug to charge the console up.

Books. I've not read in a while, and this disappoints me. I want to yet can't think of what I feel like reading. If it's lighthearted and usually read on an aeroplane, it'll probably entertain me. I'm not one for serious things. I suppose it's an ignorance to the big bad world, deep down.

Computers. I'll repeat it: I wouldn't trust someone who didn't know which pedal was the accelerator to drive a car I owned. Why should I let someone use my PC when they don't have a clue what's going on? One positive is as the "computer person" in the family I keep getting £20 a turn for fixing the PC my uncle keeps breaking.

eBay. I will prepare junk to be sold on there by the end of this week: especially as an item I have 3 copies of is selling for £20+ each normally. It's simple money, and surely people are more desperate for items around Christmas? If you look at the prices slimline PS2s are going for on eBay, that's definitely true.

Sloth. Usually, it takes me way too long to write a post. This was spewed up in about a tenth of the time a normal post would. I wonder why I'm becoming so much more pensive and reflective on my posts, when I write? Too much time, too little to talk of, I s'pose.

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