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Candy browsing Friday misdemeanours.

Early this morning I decided it was time for retail therapy. I've placed an order on Homestar Runner's store to get a few presents, and ordered shoelaces from a site in America so when one of Jamie's family/friends travels over, they can pass them on to us then. Ah, the life of glamour, when a spare set of shoelaces seems an extravagance.

After sleeping, the stomachs of me and Jamie led us out of the house. We woke up at a reasonable time, and after comments about sweets and drinks she liked in America and missed tremendously, we browsed a few online sweet shops. and were the two shops we looked at. We then noticed that Cybercandy's store was situated in London. With that information, we decided why shouldn't we travel into London and actually look around the store? And so we dashed out of the house and towards the town, and finally into London.

Firstly, Enfield Town. I got Jamie a present when she least suspected it, and have kept that present a secret - but am going to mention I got something, just to wind her up. We then went further into the town, with me putting some money into the bank and dashing to the local retro games shop while Jamie headed to Marks & Spencers to buy more of the nice sweets. The retro shop's excursion was fruitless, another present (this one being something Jamie knows of) being unavailable at this time.

I feel snooty when I'm reviewing snacky items you can buy in M&S. I mean, the ham bagel bites and the bacon crisps are pretty subpar. That makes me feel even more snooty: I can snub the fancy food they sell. However, these "Dairy Liquorice Gums" they sell are definitely the best sweets I know of. They cost £1.09, though; it's a bit of an extravagance. Especially seeing as they used to be sold in Asda for 79p or so. Alas, that's the price of ostentatiousness.

I like planning to the minute. We got to the train that takes us into London with a minute to spare, and a slightly smug look on my face about how well it all was going. Jamie noticed as we walked towards the train station that she saw a balloon float away: a sign for her of a good day, as we got into Central London things looked promising.

A swift trip into Muji saw us get some sparse playing cards, which were cute in their blandness. We walked down to Goodge Street and into the nice import games shop. The Nintendo DS they had in a flashy booth was being sold for nearly £200, which made me laugh. Speaking of desperate: any Americans who can get their hands on one and are willing to post it on to me would be greatly rewarded. Given the weakness of the dollar at this point in time doing this would be significantly cheaper than bothering with the UK version whenever it gets here.

Anyway, from Goodge Street we eventually went to Covent Garden. We found CyberCandy. Jamie went into joyful fits at seeing treats she'd almost forgotten. I tried a can of a cherry cola Pepsi made, given I usually enjoy that flavour of drink. Sadly, this wasn't anything special. Jamie bought a few things, but I told her we should get away from the shop first and put some proper food into us, else Jamie would buy the whole place up. We walked to Forbidden Planet, on the lookout for pasta restaurants on the way. We both got presents for people and I nearly got an Invader Zim t-shirt until I noticed the price of it was a bit rich. I put it back and grumbled about it for a few minutes, and decided I'd browse around online for it, and hopefully find it a bit cheaper instead.

We then returned to looking for pasta restaurants. You see, Jamie has missed one food more than any other since being over here: fettucine alfredo. No matter where I tried to look for her, no place seemed to sell it, with the exception of a very snooty looking restaurant which I knew wasn't for my type (meaning: no sodas of any sort listed on the menu). We started to walk towards Leicester Square, with me remembering a few Italian restaurants being in the general area... but what we did instead was far more fun.

We found a second branch of the snooty restaurant. It was a pathetic attempt to look as fanciful as the other branch by far, mind. The eating area inside there was smaller and more compressed, and not in a cosy way. There was an "outside eating area", which was a few basic chairs next to tacky silver circular tables, pressed up against the front window due to this eating area practically being the pavement. Still, while the place looked low-key, it still had the same menu, something I didn't want. My type of food has always been something simple and junk-food-like. Burger King was just up the road and I'd fancied a nice hamburger with bacon all afternoon.

So we walked into the restaurant, and we waited at a placard saying in a poor Italian dialect "Please wait here to be served ana shown to your table". I talked to the head waiter about our predicament: Jamie wanted their food. I wanted to get food which was obviously not cooked there. We asked if we could therefore sit outside, in their basic seating area. Now, it's half past six at this time, dark outside, and a little cold too. But... it seemed the most logical way of doing things. Amused by this idea, the staff agreed happily and gave Jamie a fork and spoon for her pasta while I dashed away for my meal. I came back and ate my Burger King whilst she enjoyed her pasta, and we got more than a few amused looks. Jamie even got to offer her opinion on the food to one passer-by, which made them go inside and get something to eat for themselves. Too shy by the situation, Jamie asked me to go in and give the manager the tip. He jokingly asked how I found the food. I said it had made her smile and that was good enough for me, and we might have to do this more often. He seemed to smile a little too politely at that idea.

Anyway, with food in our bellies we then set back off to the candy store, and wasted a fair bit more cash there. Even then I was still being stingy, only buying some Twizzler straws (remembering they were quite nice with Crusha milkshakes) and some Jelly Belly beans. We were allowed to try a few as most of the flavours were quite surprising to us. I primarily got the Cherry Cola variety - you see what I mean about my enjoyment of cherry cola - and lastly, some coconut sweet I know Cliff liked, which'll be wrapped up for Christmas for him. Something tobacco... anyway, it was something I know he liked.

We got back to Enfield and wondered what to do. We'd usually go to Nan's but the method of transportation, Bill, was not coming up for the night. As a result, we went to watch a late night film. I Heart Huckabees seemed to intrigue us both. After watching it, I'm left unimpressed by the storyline. A few good performances by some of the actors, but the film... left me cold. Like it was trying too hard to be a bit weird, a bit different. It's a bad attempt at a cult film, especially with the advertising they put into it being rather odd methods - people offering badges and trying to strike up word of mouth instead of epic trailers and such. There were too many attempts at displaying philosophical attitudes, and they just didn't fit in amongst the bizarre tale.

And since we've got back Jamie and I have both been writing extensively about this bizarrely fun day. Jamie even uploaded pictures on a journal of hers. You'd be surprised how long it takes to write about these things when you remember intricate details. See, sometimes having a memory as bad as mine is a blessing - if I wrote this post tomorrow I'd just be saying "Went out to London! Had food! Was good! Watched film! Was less good!" - though I'd find some way of waffling on still, I'm sure of that.

I'll edit this post in the morning, cut it down a bit. Seems a bit long-winded, this.

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