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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
PC gone blammo.

Back in a bit!

(Although selling things on eBay is going to be a big problem as a result!)

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By in a bit, you mean five years?

About that. Only time I've got for the PC now is at work.

How clever!

The motherboard, apparently.

About a month ago, it took a while for the machine to whirr into action and start up. After knocking the power button before, I assumed it was a little damaged inside and the boss agreed about it.

A month later, it's been brought in as it was getting annoying - but still working fine. The boss opens it up in the shop, and he says the power supply might be at fault, the battery on the motherboard could be at fault - and then decides the motherboard is the issue.

Thing is, from his tinkering the machine turns on more often first time, or at worst within three attempts. It just doesn't get past the option to put the machine into safe mode/normal/last known good configuration.

So. I'll get a new case, new motherboard with the potential to upgrade (but I probably won't take advantage of it, given the current style of technology is at its peak and another method to make processors better will have to come along...) and get them to pass things over and get it all working again, in a nice simple method.

So about how long do you plan to be computerless?

You have more or less the same problem I'm having with my desktop.

AUGH. "Blammo"? what do you mean by "Blammo"? You mean your comp crashed like mine did a while back, or it actually exploded?


Also want a new case, given the other one's in bad condition. We'll be talking about £100 to pay when it gets done.

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