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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Last update before Christmas, I reckon. I'm posting from the shop PC and don't expect another chance to use a net-access PC before work begins again. So, y'all have a nice holiday one way or another.

I'm looking forwards to this Christmas. In the recent history, it's felt a bit anticlimactic - the family weren't together, and the family that did meet up argued. However, something keeps me hopeful about this year's festivities. Despite the problems and the losses, it can still hopefully be a positive family moment. All the family are going to be here this year from what I understand, with the exception of the rich uncle who's too good for us these days, so it'll be a pleasant family occasion.

I'll keep a little notepad by my side over Christmas, as I'm sure Nan or Cliff will say some interesting things whilst inebriated.

In other news, how do you pronounce the Pokémon name Torchic? Is it Tor-chick or Torch-ick or Tor-chic? I think he'll be named Bob whenever possible to relieve the difficulty of this situation.

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Merry Christmas mate, and thanks so much for the flights again - only three days before I'm off. I can't thank you enough. Have a good one.

It was no problem, I'd glad to have been of help.

You make sure you enjoy yourself too. Bring back some photos - from the sound of it, the camp's quite a pretty thing - it'd be nice to see the place that you have so many memories attached to.

Shit, I just realised I lost my only copy of the email when I fried the computer, could you re-send it please?!? :D

Ignore this, it's sorted! Merry Christmas

I can't send it, because my PC that had it saved is not working.

We can't give him my father's name. That would just be gross.

Looks like we'll have another "Pedro" if all else fails..

I think Lionel would be a good name.

Be on the lookout for my amazing gifts! One MYSTERY thing from Amazon.co.uk and three MYSTERY DVDs... MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, man. Hope you have a good'un! If you don't have a working computer, though, I won't be able to amuse you with my drunken-ness on New Year's Eve. Again. Wow, that was a whole year ago now!

As for Torchic, I'd be inclined to say Tor-Chick. And I'm the king of pronunciation, so that must be right.

Tor-chick is how I say it. But then again, I just called mine Thrax in Sapphire. I generally give my Pokemon the most fitting names(or intentionally unfitting - For example, Kyogre=god of rain, therefore I must name him Zim. after an alien that is burned by rain.) out of one of me fandoms anyway.

And because I feel like it, have my current Pokemon Leaf Green team names, and their origins if needed.

Jack - Charizard (OMFG Jack Spicer is love. First Charizard I've owned that was not named Milo.)
Annie - Pidgeot (after my AE fancharacter.)
Margerine - Butterfree (...I am so witty. XD)
Fluffy - Gyarados (the ONLY surviving name from way back in the days of Pokemon Red.)
Specter - Persian (Don't really need to explain this one...)
Stanlehchu - Pikachu (Inside joke involving a game called Okage:Shadow King. )

Oh, and Merry Christmas! :D

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