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Back on a PC again.

Without a PC I had no contact details (my friends' telephone numbers and addresses are kept on an Excel file) so didn't get to wish many people a happy new year. I hope you all had a decent time, and have been in good spirits and all that.

There's not much to talk of here. A pleasant simplicity to life, if anything.

Between Monday and Friday, I have a few evenings' worth of work, and I'll get the defective PC taken to this shop to be fixed. I have a doctor's appointment and may finally have to give evidence as a witness of the robbery of this shop from... March? I will try to help Jamie pick up her friend at Heathrow. This is what I'd consider a very hectic schedule, which shows how much is going on in my life these days.

Really, there's nothing incredible going on. Neither of us miss the PC especially - though I think Jamie misses the ability to keep up with her friends. We also don't get to post about what's on our minds - we usually talk for a while in the evenings, and she has no outlet for her thoughts based on whatever is nattered about.

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