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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
PC back.

1600 bits of spam to filter through.


UPDATE: If you sent an important bit of email to me, send it again.

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1600 bits of spam? ON HOTMAIL?

...How is that possible? O_o

No, on Blueyonder and Cyberscore while I wasn't around to filter it.

Just think of all the penis enlargements you could have gotten if you'd opened all your spam. You'd be hung like Godzilla!

and he would have helped many a Nigerian prince/princess in financial trouble, too.

And he'd be able to attract the ladies simply by wafting his odour in their direction!!

That's why I sent (albiet probably more than necessary) real mail! Have you been receiving them?

Yes. I go to send a letter back, but every time I do you send another two, so I decide to leave it until you send every letter.

The letters never stop. They're starting to scare the family.

Your letters have made me realise why I need to get off the internet more often, also. There's several good ways to communicate with people - especially people away from the PC.

... well this sounds horribly mean.

Fine, I guess I'll stop, even though I was trying to be nice and send random goodies and news for you two.

It wasn't meant to sound mean. I meant that I took too much time talking to people online. Letters and phone calls and meeting people has been a very nice contrast, and something I preferred.

And let's face it, my family barely worked out my PC wasn't about, so all these letters from just one person made them wonder what it was I was getting.

I'll get all of the responses to your letters out at the same time. I have goodies to pass on too, after all.

I thought you were implying you wanted to just stop communicating with anyone related to a PC, such as myself... along with the comment that the letters never seem to stop.

But anyway, send some sort of reply already... it takes a while to get here anyway, and I don't need you sending a 12 pound package of letters and goodies all at once. All your replies and news will be ancient by then.

This is entirely random, but you're a fan of the Gregory Horror Show, aren't you? My mom has a chance at snagging a free DVD from work, and if I remember correctly, you'd suggest that she snag that one.

Only a fan of the game. Personally, I've yet to see the show but reckon it'd be quite fun.

I got the DVD. It seems like something you'd enjoy. The main feature was 25 episodes long, each episode being maybe 3 minutes in length. A woman goes home from her friend's wedding, and on the way ends up at Gregory House. Interesting stuff. Sometimes the symbolism ended up hidden by the sheer goofiness of it. Emotionally it works, even if it may not always work logically.

Now I need to know what the game is like. I just can't imagine how you could make a game out of it...

You're stuck in the mansion collecting souls from the residents that haunt Gregory House. You have to stalk the residents to learn their routine, so that you know the best time to take the soul.

After you steal their soul, you'll often find that the resident will be enraged, and if they catch you around Gregory House, they'll chase you to get revenge. If they catch you, they perform a Horror Show upon you, which depletes the player's health gauge, the 'sanity meter'.

This meter deteriorates slowly as time goes on even if the player is not caught in a Horror Show, due to the madness of the place. The way to cleanse the mind is via books or naps.

So, it's a cute survival horror which focuses on puzzles rather than action, with a fair bit of dark humour thrown in.

Hm, interesting. As much as these "X plus Y" things never do the game justice, it sounds like a blend of Eternal Darkness and certain elements of Majora's Mask. I like the idea of recovering via books and naps.

I found screenshots of a Gregory Horror Show game that looks like it was a board game. Are these the same title, or is there more than one?

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