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Okay, here's news about my life: without the PC, it feels strange coming back to it to talk to people. For music, yes. For games, yes. For communication, no.

The court case on Monday was over quickly - there was new evidence that the prosecution brought up that made the defence grab their defendant and inform them to plead guilty. No speaking necessary, and I was back home for luncheon.

The PC has a new motherboard, processor and case which cost me about £150. I've got to pay the last £50 off later. I also took this week off work which has left the manager sounding grumbly when I gave him a call today.

I've had a few thoughts on my work situation that I want to get written down, because I'm sure I'll want to look back on them.

The futon Mum advised me to buy (by paying for its deposit) is hopefully going back, else my sister will swap it for a more comfortable sofabed around March. My sister will use my sofabed in some house - as it's a useful component to have when you want to make your way up the property ladder. Always felt that lifestyle was quite a challenge, but a bloody depressing way to make money - buy a bland place, make it look special, sell it off for a small profit, and repeat ad infinitum.

She just walked in and suggested I could buy another type of bed instead. She certainly doesn't know how to quit on the subject. Still, at least I got to say with a smile that I'd see about it once I got the money back on the other sofabed.

I bought games, I sold games - that's what I'm usually like. I picked up Mario Kart: Double Dash and Mario Kart Super Circuit as Jamie likes those, I bought the new Gamecube Zelda game and enjoyed a brief attempt at the single-player mode. I picked up Pool Shark 2 and World Championship Snooker 2004 on Xbox because our shop had them in very cheap second-hand, and they're relaxing games, like how Ribbit King is. Also, they both offer slightly different styles of game - one of them serious and demanding concentration, the other playful and easier to just... pick up and play.

Slow, soothing games are my new entertainment, rather than games which engross. Testament to that is that I'm enjoying Football Manager all over again now the PC's back.

But, fundamentally, while I've been away I've been living. Doing new things and enjoying them. I've not had as much fun in this week for a long time - this holiday of Jamie's friend coming over here, has felt like a holiday for me too. I've left people to contact me if need be; there's a phone in my room and an address to post letters to, and maybe that's how things should be, rather than waiting around in the hope someone entertaining comes online to talk to.

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