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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A new idea.
Jamie likes to take pictures. So while her and her friend Tomoko were together and we kept going into London, pictures were taken. Pictures were also taken when two other people close to Jamie - her aunt and her friend Emily - and I noticed there were several things I've never had time to write about, that could be shown in some way with pictures. So, here's some I liked and some things that just needed to be shown, for various reasons.

The pouty face, used when annoyed (especially when poked) whilst doing terribly on a game.

Me, having borrowed Jamie's glasses. I was told I have a good face for glasses.

Me and Jamie in the Waterloo area, while Lois was here.

Me and Jamie at Christmas. British tradition expects people to wear stupid hats.

Jamie just after Christmas. It's a tiring time for all.

Jamie displaying her awesome power of lifting things with just a digit.

Another Christmas picture, this time with Jamie's friend Emily in-shot.

Jamie's friend Tomoko, who just left today after being around for ten busy days.

We travelled around touristy places, though we also kept going bowling.

'A good tunnel for taking pictures in' that we walked through in the Waterloo area.

A silhouette of Big Ben, which Jamie liked the composition of.

A rippled effect I got from inside a Liverpool Street train.

A good tree fighting off an evil tree, keeping us safe and potentially without oxygen.

A creepy mascot for nice (albeit out-of-date) Polish sweets.

And goodbye.

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Jamie certainly posesses superhuman strength!

Oh Polish sweets <3

dean rivers looks cooler than I.

Nice pictures. I shall stay on Jamie's good side. ^_~

hehe, my brothers got a blue walkometer (finally)...

Am i allowed to be very scared of that thar big ben silulette?

Hooray for good trees! Life would suck without them.

Great pictures, geeza!

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