Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

How I feel about Livejournal.

I don't have much to say. I have distractions in Jamie and family here, and they're nice enough to keep me from writing about my days here. Lots of things happen, though. While Jamie's been here I've been doing lots of travelling, more than usual. I've had a lot of fun in the last few months, more than I ever have in the past.

Jamie's moved in, pretty much. She stayed here a lot in the past, but now all her classes are easy to get to from here. We like her company and so want her to stay here as much as she likes - it'll save on fares for her, I hope. Whether it's easy to get to or not, school's disillusioned Jamie in the same way I never went into further education - too much stress. I also know my family want me to start only because I'm able to. That's not a good enough reason to buckle down for three years.

I don't like how modern learning in most subjects equates to being able to parrot buzzwords and mimic sentences from textbooks for optimal marks, and freedom of expression is slowly being shunned in lesser colleges and such. I disliked Business Studies A-Levels especially, as it opened my eyes to this - a teacher who used to grade A-Level papers taught us for a year. During this year, she explained a good way to get high marks in the questions. It involved little true knowledge, and if I spent three years 'learning' in that manner, I'd feel very disillusioned with myself past any course.

I like my friends, locally and online. Today I've worked and had friends pop in while I worked and came home to people online offering me links to useful information I'd not have seen otherwise. I hope it never seems like I take people for granted, but I figure I must seem like I do on occasion, with my quietness in recent times online especially.

I may end up with a Nintendo DS soon. I will use it to squash small insects between its beautiful screens and then rub the remains around with a stylus. It will be like a mechanical Venus Fly Trap that can play an altered version of Mario 64.

Jamie is currently throwing crumpets out of my bedroom window, to attempt to show Mum that she's eaten properly today. Jamie fears the backlash if Mum knows that she's not eating properly. Ooh, she'd better eat properly. Ooh, yes.

I appear to have purchased the complete set of Black Books DVDs today. I didn't watch more than a few episodes while it was on television, but recall it had a madcap humour to it, that means it might be something Jamie and I appreciate.

We're going to walk the dog (at 2:30, he likes a late night walk) and then watch Zatoichi and then sleep and then wake up and then go to the cinema and watch A Very Long Engagement with Astrid and Trudi and then eat and then finally head off to work, where I shall out-Donkey Konga any challenger!


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