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It wasn't a good omen.

Jamie's really not been at her best, so she spent the early hours of the day being ill while we watched episodes of The Office. To attempt to start the day off well, I bought things from Amazon and went after a Nintendo DS from eBay.

We were woken up very early (considering the usual hours we wake up at) and were told to be on guard. My uncle has hired some people in to redecorate our kitchen, and we had to let them in when they arrived. We were woken up a little early, as they're arriving tomorrow. I'm not a morning person, so I was a bit grumbly, but this impromptu alarm call might get me back into a regular sleeping pattern.

Jamie was feeling even worse in the morning and had to go around to the local GP for her, and then to the local hospital for most of this afternoon. It wasn't fun for her and it was a lot of organising and sitting around for the both of us, but it does mean things are getting somewhere in terms of Jamie feeling better for more than a few days at a time.

I went to Tony's, expecting hell in fixing problems with his PC - it's a PC I used to own and I know it's being used to its limits right now - but problems were resolved pretty easily and I worked out how to get mp3s onto his music player for him as well before I had to leave. That kept me optimistic for the rest of the day; the thing I feared most being the nicest part of the day.

In the last few hours before midnight, Mum's been off in a panic getting us to tidy up for these builders - I logically don't see why she likes to tidy things that will then be messed up again in hours, but that's how our family is. Still, I'm heading off for an early night, to keep from manic plans she might think of in the early hours in the morning.

Looking back on it, the most stressful and depressing day of the year was actually quite nice for me. Though the formula was right in the day being a grim one, weatherwise. (With the exception of seeing snow. Snow is always a nice sight for people around London - even if it lasted for ten minutes and didn't settle.)
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