Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

News of shows and show and tell.

Look Around You Returns!

The Good: It's only a week away, as it will be on BBC2 at 10 o'clock on Mondays.
The Bad: Josie Trent D'Arby? Can't remember a time I believed her to have much talent in whatever role she took on.
The (potentially) Ugly: It'll be in 30 minute stints instead of the fun little ten minute chunks the episodes used to be - the twenty minute calcium trailer on the Look Around You DVD suggested the subjects could get a bit... unfunny if stretched out.

Still, I'm more pleased than not to see this show back on television.

Jamie's been ill for most of the day, but I forced her out for a little walk at a late hour, just so we could have some fun. To those who wonder what fun two people can have outside when it's dark and quiet, I respond thusly: I Spy.

Here, let's try it now, just you readers and me.


Yes, there's a pizza around the bus stop. We walked out of the house with a pizza that was surplus to requirements (when I order pizza in, the companies never seem to remember me consistently saying that I don't want pureé) and arranged it elegantly around the stop, just to see what'll happen to it over time.

I expect the offending item to be gone within 24 hours. It's like the Stinkymeat experiments, but blatantly on display. I'm hopeful it could be taken as an art piece, or taken and eaten by the foxes in the area. Either way, I'd be proud.

We also shot-putted ice cream into a bath tub. I think I win on the 'having a better evening than you' challenge.

Tomorrow/today in six hours' time may become a manic day. We have plans, foolhardy plans. It'd involve waking up earlier than usual, heading into London just to watch a film before we cannot watch it again, wandering around London, coming home for a bit, resting, heading off to work and coming home without feeling tired or cranky. Personally can't see it happening, but it's a nice pipe dream to have.
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