Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

But, really, why no stress?

Being content can be a problem. Being content for too long can mean boredom seeps in; where once a nice thing a monotonous thing is instead. Being content is to have too little stress to bother you. Stress is useful to us, to keep goals in mind and work towards them; to stretch ourselves when we want to develop.

The goals depend on the person. I'm content easily, and I don't desire much in life - so my goals are simple to achieve but things I must keep working on, to prevent monotony and to ensure I am as happy and pleased with things from one day to the next - if not feeling better. I like my life, I like the simplicity of it all and the way things can happen spontaneously in it. I enjoy the risks that there are with this lifestyle, when I think about it.

I keep offering to buy Jamie things. Jamie regularly declines. If she ever does show an interest in something, it's usually something that allows her to enjoy her life more. I've not seen Jamie make many impulse purchases while around her, unless I've goaded her on.

Most of us don't know that you don't need money as much as you think you do. From listening to people who have close to nothing for themselves yet still have a smile on their face, you realise that some things are better than money.

Money does not buy you happiness. Money buys you choices and chances to develop yourself to a level that you can be happy, but it does not make you happy. Rich grandmothers should know better, for they were probably children waiting for a relative to snuff it to allow themselves a chance at happiness, yet the items they inherit seldom manage to.

Happiness is difficult to find. If you know there's something out there that will make you feel better, set yourself some time to go for it and do it. was just in my head.

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