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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A little of column A, a little of row 1.
What I Do At Work...

In terms of buying things, I have to look towards second-hand phones. eBay might be a place to look, lest I'll try Virgin Megastores. But I'm having to look for something after Jamie dropped her phone into Harry's water bowl, causing it to instantly give up on life. But for something more interesting to buy, have a look at these 'Eye Spy Glasses'. Completely novel - and most probably completely impractical - but a conversation-starter at least, I'd imagine.

As an aside, I'm noticing from how much the character is being pushed into games here... Donkey Kong sure isn't a memorable character. It's the game with the bongos, if anyone ever asks about Donkey Konga or Jungle Beat in the shop. It's the platformer on the GBA for Mario vs Donkey Kong. It's the stupid slow monkey with the bad theme tune when someone picks him in Smash Brothers Melee. He's the most successful unmemorable character there is in the UK, I suppose. Jamie says that it's due to "...him being such an ass from Mario Kart," he's instantly unlikable.


In under two days' time, meitantei_cj arrives for a week. London's a place she's always wanted to visit and we've tried to arrange to meet a few times, so it's good that it'll finally happen. It'll be a nice adventure to go travelling around, and there's also goodies coming this way - Jamie's excited at the prospect of more Mountain Dew. I must admit, we've been cheeky in little bits and bobs we've asked if she can pick up - but I suppose we'll be filling her suitcase full of British junk for the way back, so having items in the suitcase you know aren't coming back isn't a bad thing, necessarily.

Tony is taking all week off so during CJ's impending visit he'll be wandering around with us also. It should be a nice time with four people traipsing around London et al instead of the usual two - I expect the week to go well.


When is a collection of rare Saturn games worth a few hundred pounds, not a collection of rare Saturn games?
When you let a co-worker who 'didn't know any better' sell them off for £40 the lot!

Oh ho ho. Hilarity ensued, I can assure you. Aforementioned co-worker was feeling quite proud with their work on the day too, given that he'd managed to alphabetise something he usually couldn't. Good job, kid!

Work is going back to the fun chaotic style it used to be, with everyone a little miffed at something one way or another. It's kind of calming to see people around you getting stroppy one way or another. Cleansing to understand people's gripes, but not care enough in the job myself to feel them myself. ahem.


I like this.

I end this post now.

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Off-topic, but is your icon a picture of you?;)

Alas, no. However, if it was, I'm sure I'd be inclined to post more pictures of me.

Someone believed this icon was me, too. Give a man a beard and they're a damned lookalike, these days.

I dont care what the hell Jamie says, she wants those glasses.

Except she'd not be able to see correctly without her regular glasses on too.

That'd look iffy.

I'll at least be bringing pocky back home--I promised Craig so he would stop poking his lip out at me, hehe. Wiped the pout right off his face.

It should be dead easy to find that, I'd hope.

Welcome to London aka Japan, where you can buy 'Pocky' by the bucketfull! *laughs* Not very British, is it? Why not buy some tea and crumpets? ;)

Anything lese happened with the Saturn games 'crisis'? I'm assuming Bill isn't going to run down to the other shop and beg for those games back? Dean, we have every right to feel stroppy about the pay we're getting. ;)

Bill hasn't contacted the chap as of yet.

Also, sorry about the no-respondy. Ran out of cash - but it's The Games Station officially.

Hmm, I doubt he'd get them back anyway, without having to pay a large amount of money, anyway.

That's ok - I thought so, but wanted to double-check. Quite ridiculous really that I couldn't remember considering I'm in there every week, but I never really look at the sign! (what with it being garish colours)

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