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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The common Englander and the anxiety of candy excess.
Edmonton citizens trample through Ikea like rats to a bit of cheese. The average Edmonton citizen will adore Ikea, with its cheap tat. I remember seeing the advertisements for applicants that Ikea showed off. The faces displayed on those posters scared me half to death.

CJ arrived from New York on Tuesday. Tony has been around for a lot of the time, and we've travelled around a lot over the last few days.

I started writing a few paragraphs about CJ's time here, but it's since changed to sentence-a-paragraph format when one is too lazy to format or write interestingly enough to keep someone's attention.

On Wednesday, Tony was recovering from his foot operation, so Jamie, CJ and myself went into London.
In Goodge Street we scoffed at someone buying a Nintendo DS in Game Focus for £180 and watched a giant monkey outside an opticians until he noticed us and waved, causing us to run away.
In Camden Town we got an impulse purchase each - I bought an ornate magnifying glass for ten pounds, Jamie found a belt studded exactly how she wanted and CJ splurged on a Space Invaders shirt.
In Leicester Square we went into the Trocadero and played the bowling-skittles hybrid in Funland.

On Thursday, Tony came along. Our plan was to get to Colindale - especially to get to the Oriental City building. We ended up travelling to a lot of places, but not there.

When we first arrived at Liverpool Street we saw a man dressed up just like a Mr. Lizard.
On Baker Street, there was nothing special besides the tourist traps and a Bratwurst salesman, though I wish I'd bought a Bratwurst there, and will to my grave.
At Euston, we contemplated heading up from London to Edinburgh but instead went south of the Thames to Waterloo.
We went there to see the London Eye and St Stephen's Tower. We kept walking for a few miles along the Thames, Jamie taking lots of pictures along the way.
We walked to St. Paul's just to walk along the Millenium Bridge, just to squeak our way across it like we did when Tomoko was over here.
We got a bus to Liverpool Street and I told the group I was making an impulse decision to dash to Covent Garden and Cybercandy minutes before they shut, just so Tony could understand why we cared so much for this little shop.
In Chinatown Jamie adored the cat ornaments and Japanese sweets were bought.
In Leicester Square we bowled more - though Tony wouldn't join in.

On Friday I was ill. This would be a really boring day to write about. I'm not that bored yet.

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I still want to visit. :(

Anyone dressed up like Mr. Lizard has my instant respect.

wonderful to hear everyone is getting along and having fun
i miss everyone and london

i hope you are feeling better Dean.

I'm picturing the police being forced to arrest members of the unruly crowd. Of course, I doubt they have 6,000 free jail cells, which means they'd be forced to resort to temporary prisons.

I'm thinking a tower of oversized Yaffa blocks would work quite nicely.

Good grief. And i thought the Wednesbury Ikea got crowded.

TV Lizards is probably the best Blue Jam had to offer. Along with the utterly superb Bad Sex.
And £180 for a DS? A month before the £99 launch? Foooooools.

I searched forever for a page on Oriental City. How you find these things, I shall never know.

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