Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The rest of the week.

I'm really bad at being quiet. I scuttle loudly and knock over things, and I seem to have keys that tap down loudly (no matter what) on this keyboard. Still, it's a good time to prattle with CJ completely asleep to the world and Jamie enjoying Puyo Pop and Mario DS' mini-games.

To go back to an old entry and prove I lie - and this is potentially dangerous honesty - I wasn't ill on Friday. I had a mild headache before I slept, but I was fine when I woke up. However, the prospect of lying seemed wise as Jamie was genuinely ill and I felt she'd feel sad if she was left on her own all day, and CJ and Tony seemed to be getting on so well and might like some time to themselves. Besides, I got to have a rest and a natter alongside Jamie for most of the day.

Friday was still quite boring, so I didn't totally lie. The main action happened to CJ and Tony, given they travelled. CJ walked in wearing a deerstalker hat acquired from the Sherlock Holmes museum and commented that she needed to buy a pipe of some form for her brother before she left - though the excessive prices in the museum meant that she realistically couldn't.

On Saturday I worked with Astrid, where we bitched about Ikea's opening and talked about friends, and put a lot of rentals onto the system, including the delightful film known as Saw and the godawful Shark Tale. While Saw will be remembered as an interesting new style of horror film, Shark Tale will date badly and be long-forgotten very quickly for its poor attempt at humanising every creature under the sea, the games making it look so much worse. The fact that the voices were so important that the characters were made to look like fishy versions of the actors is a saddening thing.

Sunday was laying with Jamie while she watched Eastenders, while CJ and Tony walked around Enfield. Work followed and went smoothly before we all came home and watched Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure. Me and Jamie walked Harry, giving Tony and CJ time to say their goodbyes and walked back into our house to see my bedroom door shut, which was a little bit amusing, though I'm not sure I want to enquire to either of them about it - I'm sure a lot is on their minds at the moment. Tony left minutes after we returned.

I'm not sure what to make of CJ's visit - the initial plan was to meet me, but I've been the person CJ's chatted least to in person - arguably as we've chatted online for years and know each other so well. Jamie and Tony were completely new people for her to get to know, and I kept out of the limelight to let her get to know my friends. I hope she had as much fun as was possible, though.

Tomorrow CJ ties up loose ends in terms of things she wants to do before going home - we head into Camden in the afternoon, and wherever else CJ wants to go before leaving London at about 5 o'clock. We have to get back early so she and Tony can have one last walk/talk together. Lastly, she leaves early Tuesday morning in a trip I'm still unsure of how to do. Expect me to seem stressed on Tuesday afternoon, irrespective of how well getting CJ to a plane on time goes.

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