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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A Gorman Night indeed!
CJ left on Tuesday, and that all went well. The only problem was the trip into American Apparel on Monday, where Jamie forgot to take her debit card. At some point in the near future we are going to have to head into London to retrieve the card. However, due to fevers and stomach problems, neither of us are capable of doing much. For instance, I'm not keen on working this weekend - I don't intend to do shifts at work if I'm struggling with the whole staying upright and coherent thing. I tried on Thursday, and it made things worse. Sorry, Astrid!

In other news, the Nintendo DS is a lovely machine and I'm getting back into the charm of Mario 64 with its DS incarnation. Feel The Magic is a fabulous game until completed, but after that it feels naught but beautifully gimmicky. Mario 64 DS offers the other style of game that will work well on the console - lots of little levels and ideas all merged together, to play in short bursts. I'm still not 100% with the controls, though, which is a shame - it was what made Mario 64 feel so fun and fluid and made the later levels so good, with precise actions needed that you could actually pull off with the control setup. I'm also a little grumbly as Jamie is consistently better at the mini-games than I.

Also, since playing the DS, the Nintendo SP feels so small. It's really very tiny - I feel like I have to be very careful, for my hands could crush it without intense concentration. Fingers that used to fit around the console now flail around, while I work out how to hold it all over again.

Did you know I bought a nice t-shirt? It is a nice grey t-shirt with a Mini on it. The red of the Mini Cooper has been imprinted on with some material that is pleasantly rubbery to the touch. I fear every time I wear it I will end up fondling my chest.

I have found myself to be a bit of a miseryguts in terms of language the internet uses, that is maiming traditional English. For instance, I find that I grumble at the term 'OMG' and its 'WTFBBQ' spawn. 'Oh my!' is a better variant, for it makes anyone that says it sound British and pompous instantly, rather than a fan of obnoxious acronyms.

And here's a Zombie Dean to finish with. It was a picture taken on the Millenium Bridge, which is the wonderful squeaking bridge. It's more fun crossing over that bridge than you'd ever imagine.

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Charming person above. ;) Well I hope you're feeling better Dean; you and Jamie seem to be having it pretty rough at the moment. You don't need to apologise - if you're not well then it's safer to just have a good rest and get better. :) I was with Simon anyway, so all was well.

Tis what I expect from him.

I'm getting better, as is Jamie. We'll be fine soon, and I decided it was best not to try to work, for I would have sneezed all day and get you and your sis infected.

At about 3 o'clock today I was laying there thinking how grateful I was that I didn't try to rush myself back to work. I was woozy as I've ever been.

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