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As ill as I've been? Perhaps.

I've been sick with one thing or another for over a week now. Typically, I tried to ignore the illnesses; I didn't do everything I could to quell them on day one. Usually the 'walk it off' mentality works when I get ill. Not with these things. Ooh, no. Not at all.

Another problem stemmed from the fact work needed a third pair of hands for most of last week, so I was trying to go in and help, despite queasiness and general light-headedness. I suspect that made it worse, as I even had one day where my eyelids started to twitch. The following step was suggested:
Duly noted, but then I have a habit of harming myself - I managed to do something to my neck, making it very difficult to fall asleep. I was barely able to keep awake during the eight-hour shift of work on Saturday.

This weekend looked nice. We had sunshine outside yesterday and after a week or so of grim grey weather, but my reaction surprised me. My body informed me via a fun migraine that it was not going anywhere near outside, given it was so bright. I felt like a hermit.

Anyway, I'm still not 100%. My sleep pattern seems surprisingly close to how a normal person's should be given how I slept today, but that's been all over the place for the last week. My nose is still sniffly and my lips are remarkably dry. I'm going to attempt an excursion though, see how it goes. If I feel ill, I'll head to the doctor's afterwards.

Expect comments to posts from a week ago, when I feel like sitting down and catching up with people's lives.

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