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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I'm having another quiet evening at work. It leaves a person a good chance to think, if things are on their mind. As a result, things are going to get interesting in the near future.

I fear I don't deal too well with extensive planning these days, and that's something I need to work on and get back into. For the last fortnight I've rested to quell illnesses; that's what I usually do when I'm unwell. However, that doesn't make things very interesting for Jamie. I don't think watching me laze and procrastinate is an interesting way to spend a whole day.

Tomorrow I may meet dogmeat if I can work out where I'm going to meet him, given I can't get a chat program working on this work PC. I don't believe either of us has a way to contact the other tomorrow - nor do I know a time he'll be in London - or even if he plans to get into London at all.

Tomorrow I should call a doctor regarding this cough that starts up when I go outside; having an evening job means walking home late in colder conditions and I don't think that helps me.

A friend has walked in... I'm now listening to him talk about how someone pinned him down while his dad bit his neck, but in retaliation my friend was tweaking his dad's nipples with fury. I'm unable to do anything, except nod and smile and write this down for the amusement of others. He's telling me that he'll pass the bite off as a lovebite from an attractive female.

Time for actual work.

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Nonsense you, I don't care if you being sick means me sitting idly by. So long as you feel better and have rest to help you, I am happy. I just want you feeling better!

I still feel all guilty when I don't bother to do so much, leaving you to go off and do things on your own, like today.

But on the other hand, I've not coughed for quite a while, and I'm feeling practically back to normal, besides a tickly sensation at the back of my throat - hardly something to stress over.

Dare I ask which customer that was? ;)

I'm afraid that's confidential.

Oh I see! Very formal of you, Dean. ;)

What's the problem with the chat programs at work? Do they not install, or do they just not work with the net connection?

It's not beneficial to have them on this PC because it prevents work, so they're not set to work, apparently. I'm sure I could get around it but then I'd have to put things back to as they were when my shift ends, and that's a lot of effort, really.

This is a special version of msn mesenger

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