Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

RAGGH WASM PURRRGH: Seabrook Returns!

There's something distressing about watching negative scenarios (in which the negative emotions are primarily forms of fear) occur around you and knowing you can't jump in and help them, whatever level you take that to mean. I've seen car crashes and I've seen arguments, and I wonder what I can do to help. And there isn't much to it. I'm learning, at least, that you can't always be liked. I used to try too hard in the past to be there for everyone and be liked by everyone, but that's not how life works. I used to spread myself too thinly between acquaintances and true friends and family.

I enjoy Channel 4's television at the moment (though they do phrase things poorly). At the moment, they're showing a "Banned Season": discussing television programmes that were banned assaulted with complaints after broadcast, alongside the differences in taboos as time has passed.

NB: It was interesting to hear TV execs discussing ways to gross out and shock the average viewer, not being sure what lines can be crossed these days. The 'live' exorcism didn't get much in terms of contempt. A public execution - intentionally or not - appears the next step forwards. Watch out for heavily depressed Big Brother contestants this year!

This season culminates on Thursday with an excellent prospect of a show: adverts that were banned. After all, a good advert is naught but a polished gimmick, and most things which get themselves villified (or banned) are very much gimmicky.

Another 48-pack of crisps from Seabrook arrived today, but the amount I paid for the crisps has yet to disappear from my bank account, queerly enough. Still, Jamie and I will enjoy these crisps again.

Lastly: a picture of a local shop.

The logo's snazzy, though their catchphrase isn't initially memorable. In fact, it wasn't until I found I enjoyed saying it in a hammy accent that I could remember it all. I'm also wondering how you get in and whether rabid dogs or Jehovah's witnesses or cannons will be hidden behind the other doors, in a twisted game created by this strange German-British alliance of safedoormaker. Still, anything that shows the Germans and the British can work together is fine by me, even if it is a door company that subjects potential customers to being shot by a cannon if they can't walk into the shop.

Oh! And the URL listed doesn't work for me. I wonder if I should tell them, see if I get a reward. Maybe I'd get a door of my very own, with a heart of steel that locks like a safe!

Oh, that would be a joyous day.
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