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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Odd news.
Mr. Harry Smalldawg Esquire

Found in The Sun, as anyone in the UK could have guessed without difficulty.

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It is one of these stories that you can't look at without thinking how bad the "newspaper" is.

A story about an attack and they spin it to make it "amusing", because the attacker was dressed up. It's... typical of the Sun, though, isn't it?

Indeed. Written by low-lifes for low-lifes.

Thus the Sun's ever difficult quest for the truth.

Oh, like the truth ever sells papers.

Murderers, drug dealers and theives, and THIS is what Englands boys in blue are chasing?! Dean, Jamie, clearly your not doing your jobs ^^

Hah yes, that's a very Sun article. ;) Breaking news!

I love M and Ms, surely a story like this can't be so?? Good to see The Sun spending their time wisely.

I hate the Sun, and the people that read it. I hate how it is so self congratulory, and contradicts itself over things like race and homosexuals. I fucking HATE how they're so ignorant and racist. I HATE how they think they've got the right to do the things they do.

I hate the People that read it and take it ALL in, I hate the thick MUGS that read it, and I HATE how people know its shit, and try and salvage some semblance of dignity by saying "I only read it for the sport" NO THAT IS SHIT AS WELL. FUCK OFF

Sadly, the people in the family often bring back a copy of the Sun home most days of the week, and buy a News of the World on the Sunday. I find the style of the newspapers depressing - how they will contradict themselves to make a story more provocative, and how they sit on the moral low ground.

But what I find worse is that I know people that buy it, but when I ask them why, they have no idea. It's not for the news, it's not for the sport, it's not for the gossip. It's really confused Mum now I put the question to her, in fact.

I suspect it's just for the routine of a daily mundane life then. The same people who watch EastEnders daily but moan that it's gone to shit.

You must go on a quest to rid the place of The Sun. When people enter the house you should give them a full body search and confiscate the offending article. If you wish to ween them off it try replacing it with a copy of a real newspaper such as The Times.

They're both Murdoch-owned. Not a fan of Murdoch.

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