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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Questionable Statements.
I do believe I'm an idiot in not worrying about myself enough. I'm still ill after all this time, but now I've glandular fever. I can't shake these illnesses and problems: I've been grumbling of pain from around the 21st February. Quite amazing, really. I look far more pale than a person ever should, and I've lost a fair bit of weight given I don't have much weight to conceivably lose, given my frame. Still, once I'm back to how I should be, I sense gorging will occur. Nothing like a good day or two of indulgence.

I watched my first bit of Six Nations Rugby a few days ago, and saw Wales play. I was very much amused that they have BRAINS plastered on the front of their shirt. What a fantastic sponsor name; what a fantastic company name.

I am going to show Jamie new and dubious parts of Enfield, take some games into Game to get something better, and head up to Argos to buy my mother some presents for her birthday on St. Patrick's Day. All quite simple yet busy, really.

I wanted to write more. Maybe I will later. The problem is Reservoir Dogs is on in the background, and that's quite distracting. I'm also not getting livejournal inform me of comments at the moment. Anyone else experiencing the same kind of thing?

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Sorry to hear about the illness - it's not at all nice when they get prolonged like that. I hope you feel better soon.

I'm afraid I won't be able to meet on the 20th as you proposed, since I'm going home on the 18th and things at first will be a bit busy - plus you're ill, so I doubt you want to do much travelling, anyway. I'll try and schedule something for certain over the Easter break, but if that's difficult then it might have to wait until late April/early May. I'm really sorry - I really want to see you again, but things keep getting in the way lately. I'm hoping that if I can get down to Sacha's to sort some stuff out during the break, I can also pop in to London to see you, but I'm not sure how that would work for you.

I'm getting comments fine.

Ach, I've not been writhing in agony for most of this time. Only at the beginning of the problems, when I had a fever, was I unable to do much. It's been more like a lot of niggly things one after the other, like runny noses and then coughing and then a dry throat. So at least I can do most of the things I normally would if I were completely fine, and I can still travel about and whatnot. It's just a pain to not be at my best.

That's fine, about the whole 20th thing. I still have DVDs for you and Sacha lying about, though. I shall be forced to post them to you if you keep this madness up.

I only just realised, I'm not getting messages through the cyberscore email address mikkyx gave me. I'll just have to convert my email address in my userinfo to get them.

Yes, there's a definite irony in having BRAINS printed on Rugby players. Incidentally, rugby players are also quite possibly the ugliest people on Earth.

And if you haven't already, git yerself to a doctor man!

Incidentally, rugby players are also quite possibly the ugliest people on Earth.

You're ignoring politicians.

I don't know, that Michael Howard isa bit of totty eh?

I finally got to a doctor. The symptoms clear up with one thing so I get dismissive of wasting the time of a doctor, but then something else comes along - though normally it's not as bad as this has been. This has been the first thing during the period of illness that's limited both my ability to sleep and eat, so it has to be taken more seriously.

So I got to a doctor on Tuesday, and am taking paracetamol and penicillin for now. It quells the pain, as does gargling. Though I feel like a bit of a yoof having to spit out the phlegmy stuffs.

Hot Toddie.

Hot whisky and tea.

You'll feel better one way or another

Ice cream is the best binging stuff ever.

This is excellent advice that will be taken very soon.

Hey I knew those parts of Enfield for months already...

But not inside some of the shops. Admittedly, I'm grumbly that I couldn't show you the A to Z and other bits and bobs along there.

I forgot to take you towards the place where you buy uniforms - you could have seen the Chace uniform properly!

Well at least you admit your an idiot, its a start. Ive noticed you tend to go out even when sick (bad Dean, very bad^^) so you only have yourself to blame. Remember me down london? Toe surgery followed by Londons bridges and Snipe Snipe Revolution (TM) lol.

Saw Wales rugby shirts. It was very plain but blatent. Oh, Reservoir Dogs is NEVER distracing!

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