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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Amoxycillin Resolves Little For Now
What I Do At Work...
I keep hankering for the taste of shandy at the moment. I was once told shandy's a lot like quiche: it's not for real men.

Today my most recent eBay win came through - and it's a beautiful Tetris board game. It's simplistic and fun, though it doesn't feature the infamous Tetris music anywhere. For gaming families, this is a wonderful thing to try to snipe in the near future. Also: 7 times 16 is now 122. Remember this, there'll be a test later.

Today was quite warm, and alongside medication, this positive weather has made me feel better. I'm not totally there yet, but... I'm better, and that's nice. Jamie's coughing as much as I am, which is either a promising thing regarding how well I'm doing, or a sign I'm dragging her into this whole sordid affair.

Today was also a day for travelling. I took Jamie to a charity shop for cats. The profits are used (amongst other things) for looking after cats - which includes neutering or spaying the cats if need be. I spent two pounds there, wondering whether I helped or hurt a kitten in the long run. We then went past the workplace, picked up some games to take advantage of Game's stupid offer (take four bad games in, get a good one for 99p) and headed into the town. As I didn't want any of the games in the offer at this point in time, and I took a few of my own awful games in, the shop repaid my helpfulness by giving me a game I did want indirectly: Zookeeper on the DS. This was a game Jamie liked the idea of more than me, I'll be honest. But I'm sure it's a good game to have lying around in reserve to mess with, when I find boredom sets in with the other games I possess.

We kept trying to avoid the Enfield Town tramp, Lenny. He keeps on noticing us in strange places - Jamie recently got on a bus he was on, and we saw him loitering outside a bakery late last night. He'll scare Jamie if he goes on about 70s music, I fear. I want to take a picture of him from afar, and show you all his awesome tramp power, but then he'll possibly get very scared with me or very angry at me. I've never seen an angry tramp, but I'd imagine an angry tramp would try to grapple and pin his opponent down before spitting on them, and I don't want that to happen to me at all.

We headed to Argos and bought Mum birthday presents, though I did forget to buy her a card. She wanted a hairdryer and a juicer but I also got a new telephone which tells her who's calling, which may be of use to her, as she gets paranoid about anonymous pranksters. We then walked up to work and I did little - the manager and the owner discussed the absolute mess the place was in, and the chaos that ensues from it. As a result, I had to try to do bits of work around the complaining. I put rentals onto the system, and as a result finally got to see The Incredibles. I can't remember how I didn't see it while it was at the cinema, but it's a nice film for home entertainment. I'm not sure about Cars, given the preview of that on the disc, but then I'm not sure of this Robots film either, but I'll give that a try on Friday, apparently.

And now I'm half-heartedly typing this post up, while I listen to Pulp Fiction. And Jamie telling me to eat; I've not been eating so much recently due to the gland making swallowing painful. I have a spectral quality with how I look right now. I'm a rotting-flesh smell away from zombiedom!

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The Incredibles has been shoved down my throat at work. Is it up to the hype? It does look really interesting, and I'm a sucker for 3D animation.

Me and Jamie watched it, though I admit I saw more of it than she did.

She found it good, but wasn't sure exactly how it got so much hype behind it. I found it quite fun as it was a family-orientated film that didn't end up feeling sappy.

I don't think it's an essential purchase, but it's certainly worth watching. And the animation looks incredible, as all Pixar things do, so if you like the new style of animation, this is the best you're going to see of it.

Glad to hear you're getting a bit better, Dean; it was strangely warm today, wasn'tit? Well, not all that strange really; it's mid March after all.

Simon and Boss Dean were in together? Argh, nightmare to work around if they were moaning, I'd imagine.

Yes, you aregoing to be seeing Robots my good sir, and er, hopefully like it!

Simon, Boss Dean and Tom often have a natter about how things are going at 6 PM, when they all vamoose. These days, it's less conversation and more Dean pointing and barking orders.

What time do we see Robots at?

i just wanted to say...

your icon disturbs me. greatly.


Rachel and I were bouncing around at work because it's beginning to get warmer - hooray!

I think I might get The Incredibles when it comes out and make Gaff watch it with me - I didn't see it at the cinema either, woe is me.

Tetris? TETRIS?

....They'll make a board game out of anything these days, blah blah whine gripe, in my day we'd play our Tetris on Gameboys or go without, sometimes in the dead of winter in our bare feet with the music up high, grip gripe.

(Besides, that board game'll never beat Tetris Pro. Now THAT'S good tetris. :P)

Of course shandy's for real men. It's the drink of choice amongst discerning hillwalkers who have just plodded up and down a mountain in the Lake District!

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