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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The TV channel BBC News 24 has had on-screen all night what I'm going to refer to as The Pope Status. For those who don't have the ability to see this, I have recreated it just for you.

The Pope Status (255kb, hence the hiding behind a link)

It's quite depressing to keep seeing - and it's been going for a few hours non-stop now - maybe the press is collectively waiting for him to snuff it, just so they can show their obituaries they've got prepared for his career. You can see the eagerness in the current newsreader's face: she's hoping he dies during her shift, so she can say to her grandkids that she was the one that announced this Pope was quite dead.

I also wanted to mess around with marquees, in making that animated picture. After thorough investigations into how to use them effectively, the only resolution I have is that marquees are annoying things to implement into pictures, and that people dislike reading them unless the scrolling speed is just right. Alas, I realise that after this extensive project of simulating BBC News 24's look.

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All the major news stations are Pope TV right now. For some time, since he started getting ill this year, every time I'd hear about him, I'd get nervous, thinking it was the end. All yesterday afternoon, they would interrupt regular tv programming with "THE POPE HAS A FEVER!" "THE POPE HAS A UTI!" and I was getting annoyed, because I didn't think those things were all that grave. But that evening, it just suddenly got worse. Poor old fella; he's been fighting death for ages, too stubborn to die, it seemed.

Lots of people are making jokes (often cruel), and it angers me, because even if someone isn't Catholic or thinks the Pope is just some old fool, at the end of the day, he's a sweet old man who's dying. He leaves behind some larges shoes to be filled. About the media figures, I guess it's just their job. It's sad to see that kind of thing, especially when there are thousands of people who've been standing outside in St. Peter's square all day and night, crying and praying over it. Well, one can't expect everyone to care about everything. :)

I think goodcow wrote in a post that Fox told the US that the Pope was dead on Friday, before backtracking.

I haven't watched TV in weeks, outside of 24.

Is that... is that all you guys get on your news broadcasts, or were you only trying to recreate The Pope Status?

Ours, we get maybe 1/5th of the screen actual people IF WE ARE LUCKY, the rest factual tidbits we're supposed to swallow within 10 seconds.

Like this. I really hope the off-site linking works.

We had a thin line of POPE STATUS throughout everything that was on this news channel, with those same bits of blurb over and over again.

But the picture was in general not covered with garbage like you have to suffer. You don't need news like that.

I'm activly avoiding the news. If the suns not full of replacing chris ecclestone before his run as the doctor is properly started, then everywheres full of the pope. Don't they know some of us aren't christian and so to us, it's just another person dying?
Harsh yeah, but I'm not christian. My great aunts in a state at presant. I'd rather be thinking of her then somebody famous, no matter how important he is to however many people at presant.

I completely agree with you here. One of the things that annoyed me was that this was the main story repeated over and over again and then they quickly mention "in other news" that 30 people were gunned down and killed in Brazil as if the life of one man who isn't even dead, is far more important than 30 other lives who are now already, and brutally taken.

I understand from a religious prospective why this news is so big, but in the grand scheme of things he is just a man and I think people need to remember that.

Yesterday Dean and I overhead a a man on his mobile in the train who was saying there should be an article saying that the Pope dies and then next to it, an article saying millions of people in Africa have just died of AIDS. Maybe that might put things into a little more perspective that there are much more intense, horrible things going on that we should recognise and not just shun because it happens every day.

Yeah. I saw that when I flicked over briefly last night before going to bed - I just thought why in hells name is this not the main story? Especially when it's the same old "still clinging to life" news for the pope. So many people die each day... and yet this is all the media are bothered with...

I'm so glad I rarely watch TV nowadays. Geez, if it's not that Terri whatsherface dying in the spotlight this week, it's the Pope. I hope the Pope doesn't watch TV, or he will be very depressed.

yeah so many people die and that, but at the end of the day he's one of the most famous and influencial people in the world that has a following of absolute MILLIONS, of course the media is going to make a big thing about it. I don't personally care since im not religious, but im not at all surprised at the coverage this has got, nor do i begrudge it to the man, im baffled as to how anybody else could. If you want to be glib about the whole thing yeah, he is "just one man" but the reality of the matter is he isn't

Im not saying those people from brazil that were murdered was any less tragic or deserved any less focus, but the millions around the world aren't going to have any real affinity with 30 anonymous south americans, not like they will with a man like the Pope.

Also its not a competition to see what travesty in the world is worse, is it? The media is a business, of course some of it will be shit. What would reporting on aids acheive? would it solve it? The media world is a topical one, why on earth would they not report on it? Its not like they're saying that its worse than the AIDS situation in Africa or whatever, its not taking awarenes away from it. What do you want them to do? release various issues of the same paper each one giving equal coverage to big tragedies? Or how about a seeding system where we decide whats worse? Im not saying I completely disagree its just confusing when people seem at all surprised or start crying bullshit. Its retarded

And I've just read today that the pope has now died, as of last night.

There's the news people, do with it as you like.

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