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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Population Manipulation mkII
Bit of an opinion-intensive post, this one. I'm trying to find out about mp3 players, opinions on people who post pictures in their journals - and I was going to add something about English football, but that'll be left for another post when I can reason an argument together cohesively.

Firstly - not intended as a plug - but it's my birthday soon. It's certainly feeling like it'll be like any other day. I will spend my 22nd birthday asleep until a late hour, wake up, eat, open things, go to work, talk to friends whilst 'working' and go home to possibly natter on the internet. It's a tremendously calm day around what else is happening. I hope something more exciting does crop up on the day, but if not, so be it.

Family struggle with ideas as to what to get me - and this year's going to be even worse as I haven't given anyone a hint: the birthday itself has snuck up on me. I think the problem is that as you age you earn enough money to buy your own wants. And there's always that ghastly feeling that by keeping schtum, you may get money (to buy one good present) instead of a lot of quirky things you had to swiftly find and not really desire, just so the family can give you something to unwrap. This does backfire - a few years ago, when I forgot about my birthday until days before it happened, I ended up with several filofaxes. I was able to schedule at what time in the day I'd wake up a good week in advance, though.

So, I'm looking around to find something interesting. I notice mp3 players are becoming available at a price I'd deem fair for what they appear to offer. I feel inclined to ask that if anyone on my friends' list has any advice on an mp3 player they themselves bought and enjoyed, I'd be happy to listen to what they have to say.

Mind you, I also wonder if this is the right idea. Do I like the idea of travelling around with music? If I do so, I may become oblivious to the world around me. I've never attempted to travel whilst listening to music for longer than a few attempts in a row before now, as the players were too bulky. I used to think that maybe the confidence to loudly hum songs was all I needed.

Also, while I'm on the musical vibe, I need to find some uptempo songs and place them onto a CD to have something nice to listen to in the shop. At least, uptempo is what is expected given that the other CDs lying around include Moby's Play and the Propellerheads' Decksandrumsandrockandroll. Maybe a more ambient set of tracks would be appreciated - I do wonder how the average customer would react to classical music in the background.

I also plan to use up some of this space I have with LJ Scrapbook: I have a fair amount of space to put pictures and I shouldn't neglect it. But I don't know if I should add pictures into posts erratically, have posts just to display pictures or set up another journal just for pictures. The first idea would mean the pictures could detract from the post, as they'd likely be erratic things that'd be far from synonymous with whatever tangential things I'd scrawl up here. The second plan will annoy some of you - and probably me. I don't know, it feels too random a method to find a picture I enjoyed taking and showing off. The last plan is the likeliest course of action, if any of you are interested. It also allows me to make a new journal design and let some creativity out and use obnoxious colours everywhere on it.

I have Vib-Ribbon posters. They don't fit into the room at all well, but for that reason I like them even more.

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My best birthday wishes.

I will not purchase an MP3 player. I will instead purchase Satillite Radio


I'm afraid that such is not available to you. I just wanted to give my reasons for not purchasing an MP3 player.

Scratch that, my radio in my car will play MP3s on CD. I have yet to use that part of it.


I know I bought a CD player that could play mp3-CDs. It was still too bulky (so I had to hold the CD player in a pocket, looking strange as I walked down the road) and the quality a little less impressive than I would have liked.

So: something smaller, if something at all. Maybe I'm just a grumbly old man on this subject and nothing will suffice.

I totally need to abuse my own LJ scrapbook space and use it for webhosting. Then I can join re_image and have fun posting bad doodles that will never make it into DA.

We all do, if we have the chance to.

Give me a quiet day or two and progress will be made.

Wahey! Your birthday is one day before mine. Happy B-day to us both. AriesRULE!!!!!!!

Really? In that case, I hope you have a fun birthday too.

I'm thinking I shall surprise someone who likes Vib-Ribbon by giving them one of the posters.

It's not a surprise if I know about it!

(You were planning to give me one, right? Right?)

Well, the person I did intend to pass it on to wouldn't appreciate it as much... so, maybe!

(Or I'll keep it for myself. I can be lazy in sending things like that.)

Let me work out how I intend to put posters.

Or you can contact the ebay seller, see if he has any spare: jobyspragg@hotmail.com

I've got a Creative Zen Micro.... It's cool, its purple, with a funky neon glow thing when its on. It's also about 1/4 of the price of an ipod..

Oh, an iPod isn't being considered - hunk of pretentious crap, that is.

Did you know that iPods are the most stolen item that gets reported in London? The white headphones (exclusive to iPod) make people targets to thieves. If they're listening to music, that makes them less observant. Also, generally: having an iPod on them makes them feel smug and superior, like nothing bad could happen to them. The fools!

But I've heard two positives about Creative Zens, in different forms. Thanks for the info.

Creative also come with white "Mug me, I have an MP3 player" headphones. They're decent quality, just look a little bit too much like IPod headphones.

My Zen came with white earphones (however not the Apple style pure white, they look like normal people earphones), black earphones and creative neck headphones (very comfortable, and good quality).

I was about to post: Don't get an iPod. I guess there's no need! Pretentious is right, though. They're a clear triumph of style over function. Which isn't what you need from a portable music thingy.

Exactly. I don't get why Apple advertised the iPod as a stylish piece of kit to show off. I thought a good mp3 player would be small enough that it won't be blatantly on display while the user enjoys their music.

But this advertising worked. Tsk.

It did. I only got mine because my friend did, though! Maybe. I feel like a git for not shopping around first.

I can't remember what my mum's MP3 player is called, but it holds 512 (I think!) MB of MP3s and cost around £100. It's really cute and tiny, although the headphones are bloody annoying.

I need to steal your address again at some point.

I have my own strange headphones that I enjoy, so whatever's bundled with the player will go into a drawer somewhere. Also, it seems that these days those players are going for about a third less online, which is the reason I'm looking at them with such curiosity.

You and Gareth are the only people in the world Jamie wants to meet. So we want you close to Enfield, so we can show you the address - unless you're asking us to travel and find you again?

I bought mine from here: http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk.

iPods cause foot rot.

Jamie had foot rot once. Well, toe rot. I blame iPods for it.

As everyone else is saying, getteth not the iPod (you pay more for arguably less quality compared to Creative).

If you don't cae about having lots of choice at once get a flash based player, 512 meg is quite easy to get and they are small, light and great battery life.

If you want to hold lots at once get a Zen or an Archos (not the minis, they tend to be more expensive and not that worth it imho for the difference in size/weight, and you get less space).

eBay really is the best place to go, just make sure you buy from someone with a decent reputation (most people selling them are proper traders so will have good reps anyway). You can easily halve the price you'd pay new, I took mine to CEX and they offered me £5 more in exchange than I paid for it.

I imagine I'll either desire a small simplistic mp3 player with a good battery life, or some giant behemoth of a device that can store gigabytes of... well, anything. You know, the types that can be used practically as an external hard drive. I get easily swayed from idea to idea.

I will have a browse around eBay in the near future, just to see what else shows up on there. What I end up looking for may change entirely based on what seems good value for money.

I'll probably end up buying a bed.

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