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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Bargain on me birthday for the UK people.
Just browsed around and found this snippet of info for anyone who uses (or intends to use) Play.com:

"Collect four codes from this week's Daily Star newspapers to receive a free £5 voucher to spend on Play.com.

The Codes: 3XT4, W9K3, NY76, H6R3
Link To Input Codes: http://www.play.com/ds

Terms: Offer ends midnight 8th April 2005. Please allow 72 hours for your voucher to be received. The voucher is only valid until midnight 30th April 2005 and for a single use only."

Apparently this promotional offer is limited to a set amount of vouchers, so I don't know for certain if these will have already been snapped up. Still, it seems like a good idea if it works...

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I did this yesterday morning, but haven't received a code yet.

I shall of course give it to you, since your birthday is coming up. :)

Oh! It's today! I'm one of the goons who forgets birthdays, you see. Sorry!

Happy Birthday. :)

Ooh. Thankies, Dean.

Did you get a voucher instantly? I know it says it can take up to 72 hours, but I'm an impatient cunt.

Nothing yet - and it appears my friend has done this yesterday and has no code yet - so... maybe there's no more codes to give!

Thank you! Wear a tie and it'll make my birthday a better one!

Happy Birthday, Dean of wonders! *hugs*

Happy birthday, old spoon!

Thank you!

When I started the day with the decision I was having eclairs on my birthday no matter what, it had to be a good one.

Hey, you share your birthday with my mun and my nephew! I was late telling them 'happy birthday' too.


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