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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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What Happened On My Birthday: WHOMB.
Faux warrior

I started off by being awake post-midnight. Family members had bought me cards and put money inside, putting no effort into looking for a present when I didn't give them the slightest hint of a present I'd enjoy. As I've said before, the birthday caught me by surprise somehow.

I stayed up nattering with Jamie until a late hour, before sleeping. I managed to remember a vivid dream; there was a war between fighters of different eras and technologies. The point of the dream I remember involved a robotic samurai demanding a knight commit seppuku when his clumsy actions destroyed another robotic samurai. I only remember this so vividly as the robotic samurai threw a katana towards the knight which was deflected whilst being inches away from the knight's face by someone else throwing a weapon. Granted, it was one of those cheesy action moments, but I woke up and went "Ooh, that was odd..." at it, whilst rubbing my head in confusion at the horrid recollection that the warriors of our era were dressed in corporate suits, attacking enemies with their briefcases.

I discussed the plan for the day with Jamie before we fell asleep:
  • We were to wake up when we felt like doing so, go outside and play tennis - we ended up taking pictures in the process.

  • Then I would get ready and go to work, where I would try out games in case any of them looked interesting enough to buy with birthday money - none were.

  • I would then come home and Jamie would buy me a meal of my choice from some local delivery place as a nice and pleasant present for now (she says others are on the way) before I would pop onto chatting programs and write up what happened on the day.
This last part's taken an age. I feel sorry for Jamie sitting behind me, waiting for me to finish this post so we can set up the sofabed and get to sleep tonight.

I also discussed an idea to Jamie that got out of control without anyone else knowing it did. My idea was that any person that had a livejournal account that wished me a happy birthday might get a thank you present back from myself in terms of me giving them two months' worth of paid time on here. However, this year I've had a lot of people wish me a happy birthday - twenty people so far - and that would have cost $100 - the idea went from a simple one that might seem nice to the people that wished me well, to an excessively extravagant gesture. I was considering using the most advanced of random number generators to decide if a smaller percentage of the group could win instead, but the more thought went into it, the more it felt like it looked like flaunting towards my friends on here. Still, thank you all for your kind thoughts and messages and ASCII cakes and explodingdog-alike pictures. It made the day even better.

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ahaa. You're welcome. Like my yummy ASCII cake? hehe. Hope you had a good 'un.


Do not fear: an idea is here: here!

Would it be less expensive for you to buy paid accounts for people who didn't wish you happy birthday?

I.E.: Me.

Apparently not, but I could send a Vib-Ribbon poster your way!



could you at least send me a photo of one?

Yes. I will set up that picture journal, and put a picture of it up, just for you.

This will occur over the weekend, especially if you remind me.

This is me reminding you:


80% there. The journal is pretty as a picture; now I just need some pictures to put in there.

Jamie will use the PC first, then I'll upload some stuffs!

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