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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I suppose I can surprise myself with my unpredictability.
A happy weirdo
And tickets were just bought. I'm now flying to America on the 20th, and returning on the 4th May. I didn't expect this trip at the start of the month. I wonder if the weather will be awful.

I bought the tickets from Virgin Atlantic's website. It was a relatively trouble-free website to navigate, although I was told that I may end up with a children's meal on the flights.

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You end up leaving on the day Vassar's study period starts -- a pity, as that would be an ideal time for me to pop into the city. As it stands, though, it's still easy enough to make a weekend visit, depending on how much work I have. Let me know when you have some idea of your schedule while in the States... if there'd be a weekend that would work best for you.

I'm looking forward to it!

The weekend closer to May - let's see... the 30th?

We honestly have no idea of a schedule yet, but I imagine the first week of the trip will involve meeting a lot of Jamie's friends, who are clamouring to meet her. The second week will involve shopping for American treats Jamie can't get at home, so we'll be out and about more - definitely an easier time to meet up with someone who's got to travel into the city.

Swift reply would be appreciated here, just to put the pressure onto you.

Jamie's having teeth pulled out on Friday the 22nd, and suffers while her family visit on the 23rd. There's a clan of people that could meet Jamie on Sunday, but she may not be in the best of spirits. As Jamie's recovering, I don't feel too optimistic to this weekend.

But for the second week, we'll be around, though again problems are arising. On the 30th, in the evening, we've been invited to see stand-up at the UCB Theatre Tickets seem cheap enough, and from what I've been told, It may be entertaining. If not, I have something about New York to badmouth. Nothing has been planned for earlier in the day, though.

Also, the 1st of May is a day that Jamie's sister may be visiting, travelling in from Seattle. So we could meet early in the day, but have to dash off by the afternoon, most likely.

I suppose I am trying to get you to make a decision, so we can do all we can to meet you on at least one day. But how long we can meet you over a weekend pretty much unguessable.

Let me just clarify something -- I could join you in watching the UCB performance, right? I just want to make sure "been invited" doesn't suggest some kind of exclusivity. If I'm right about that, that sounds like the best day for it, I think. Otherwise... hm.

The problem is that classes are ending and everything's going into overdrive. Let me find out about a couple of due dates -- if I have my Research Methods stuff due soon after the second weekend, I'll need to be here using Vassar's equipment (probably until the wee hours of the morning anyway, which would make unideal even if you were coming to Vassar).

Well. You tell me about UCB, I'll find due date information. I think that it might end up being this weekend or nothing, though, and if Jamie is recovering from dental surgery, it might have to be nothing. At least it sounds like you're not short on people to meet.

Of course you're invited to the UCB performance, if things sort themselves out and you're able to visit.

If you can only show up on this first weekend, I believe a few people have offered to schlep Jamie around on the Sunday, if Jamie feels up to it. It'd end up being a day of shopping and browsing and possibly seeing the sights - the schlep(p?)ers are very laid-back. It's a possibility.

Anyway, we'll see.

Jamie's recovery is going to be an extended one. I must concede that this weekend has obviously passed without a chance of a visit, and Jamie's prolonged injury is messing up the scheduling that we made.

Fairest idea is: If you're busy, we shouldn't meet. If you're not busy in the slightest and intended to pop into New York, then we should be able to meet you. Let us know around Thursday or Friday. We'll work things out from there.

Sadly, the odds of me not being busy this weekend are looking pretty rotten right now. That's a shame. If anything changes, I'll let you know, but... deadlines being what they are, and the neural net software being here...


Don't worry. Totally understood. Still, it's a shame. Jamie was interested in your company too.

I suppose that as the city is something we're enjoying, we'll be back in the future anyway.

Odd request, but if something positive occurs and you can meet us, can you message it through to Jamie's journal? (Her username: jaaaaamas) She's checking the computer more than I am.

Oh, and I imagine the UCB performance will be very good. I used to love their TV show. Think... uh... hm. Kids in the Hall, maybe, but with a theme that ties each episode together. Hard to describe.

(Deleted comment)
I know, that's the problem. You're in the same state so in reality you'd be the third or fourth closest LJ friend I have to where I'll stay, but it's still too far away to arrange a visit.

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