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A long pause, then a full stop.

...sorry. I have no idea why I'm writing anything. I'm feeling lazy and due to a lack of attention right now, I keep losing any purpose this post may have had.

But I am going to New York very soon! Yes. Yes, I have a list of things that people I know in real life want me to try to find, but I have to pack tomorrow and get myself prepared for the idea of being somewhere else entirely - my mind isn't yet ready for the idea of meeting a smorgasbord of Jamie's friends, my New York friends, and the New York sights.

I have a list of a few addresses. I don't know if I'm able to afford sending postcards to everyone I know. Also, the time to stop and write them is a problem. Laziness stops things like that. Also, I hate how postcards take an age to get anywhere.

The whole last week has been nothing but preparation for this trip inbetween trips around Enfield. For example, we go to a school clothes shop so I can show Jamie the Chace uniform and we end up buying the Chace logo that normally gets attached to blazers, and then end up with a second for an internet friend in America. We also find Jamie has tooth problems so have to set up an appointment in the US but also go to the NHS to get a stop-gap solution.

With all the organisation - we've been using an Excel worksheet to work out when people might be able to meet us - this feels more like a business trip than a fun trip. I am slightly concerned that what Jamie or I may want to do will be limited by her friends setting aside time just so that Jamie and I can meet them. There's not much you can do if people start to take time off to meet you.

Let's see how the next 36 hours go, I suppose.

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