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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Quick post: I'm in America. This computer isn't great, so I'm not going to type much, lest I lose it all.

So far I have visited idyllic little places around New York and finally saw the city to some extent earlier today. I find the outskirts impressive, reminding me of Enfield when it was nice and not populated by the oiks.

Up to now, I have written things down in a little notepad Virgin gave me when I flew their Atlantic flight across. As it is easier to scan these pages in than write it all up again (and explain it all, in some cases) when I return home I will be showing what happened.

And if I get lots of free time, maybe I will explain some of the absolute gibberish in there. I don't understand what I've written down to some things from two days ago.

I also have a US-Bingo style game going on, where I have to photograph bits of Americana. The centre square is the easiest, and was finding a photo of a house with an American flag outside it. Outer squares are more difficult, like snapping a homeless person (they're typically not happy at having their photo taken) or something with my name on it (Dean's not a popular name here) and so on. More details on that when I'm at a PC where I can mess around and show something off properly.

But up to now, no postcards have been sent as I've not had time to write them. Tuesday's the day I'll start writing and posting away. I expect addresses if you expect postcards. See the last post for more info on that - your address will be hidden away from stalkers, so if you want something from me, send a message to there.


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So envious right now. I have to wait another five/six months til I go to America.

Envious that I'm wasting my money on Americana, just because it's 'cheaper'?

It's the company I'm enjoying far more than the sights. Jamie's friends are interesting to meet.

You have great friends around you where you live. You're not really doing that badly.

I know I'm supposed to comment about your trip but I couldn't help but pointing at your little amusing icon. XD XD XD

Oh, I'm more pleased to hear comments about people liking my icons.

That's more random.

I like random.

Am doing so, thankoo!

Hmm, goto a university and take a pic of the Dean's office :P

I found something already, though the photo suffered due to motion blur.

The motion blur made for an impressive effect.

I hope you're having fun. :)

I'm doing great, Jamie's the one suffering an incredible amount - stupid mouth surgery going wrong.

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