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I've written out postcards. Now it's time to go and send them.

I've realised that I don't like talking about what's been happening on postcards, because I hate repetition and that's all you'll get on a postcard. "Hi! Life is good, the sun is shining, I'm eating well, I smashed up a green kart by throwing it off a large rock." and all that. But if I write a card to everyone about a different New York experience, I'll forget what I've written to each person. As a result, expect a load of nonsense on your postcards.

To the people that will get upset when I get back - given that I didn't send you a postcard = I'm sorry; I didn't bring an address book with me and as a result didn't send out a postcard unless you commented to a post from me from a while back.

Today is my last full day here. There isn't much that can be done in the day. We're not able to go into New York as we must be back here at 5:30, so we would have barely an hour in the city to try to find things we wanted. Instead, we can sort and tidy and pack and prepare now and spend an evening in a mall, and look online for what we really wanted. It seems a more sensible option.

I've not done much in terms of touristy stuff. I don't feel that I've missed much by not seeing a giant statue or a few fancy bridges. Besides, I think the most attractive sight to do with New York was what I saw last night. As we sat in a bus leaving for New Jersey, the city at night looked incredible. Vibrant lights in silhouetted buildings against a darkening sky.

Besides, you remember people more than you do places, and I've met a bunch of them in my time over here. I'll write about all that and show pictures when I get back home. I've got a lot of things I can do while I'm over here - writing elaborate livejournal posts can wait.

With that, I'll stop. We're set to travel into Glen Rock's shopping area, possibly for the last time before we go. But I'm doing okay. I'm eating well. I smashed up a green kart by throwing it off a large rock.

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