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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Did I say Jamie was staying here?

Did I now?


Plans change.

Addendum: I make vegetarians sad.

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Hey, welcome back you two. Thanks for the post card :)

That's fine, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You make vegetarians sad? How would that be? :O

Also: I don't see you online enough. It makes me sad.

Since coming back, a lot of plans are happening so I've been spending a lot of time filling in forms and travelling and preparing gargantuan LJ posts about my time in New York.

But it makes me sad, for I miss people like you.

Ta for't postcard! It arrived on Friday! It's Yorke-tastic!

Is it as good as a Yorkie?

That depends. The dog or the bar?

The dog.

The bar is superior to most things, especially over postcards.

I choose the postcard, then. Less mess.

You will NOT EAT MY PUPPIES...er...cats...

I think my postcard was too thin.

It was cheaper that way.

The font on mine was sexy. <3

That's how I like to write: so cursive it's a turn-on.

I just got your postcard today - thank you so much! :) I may have to send you a postcard too, just for the heck of it...

I'd be flattered if that did happen.

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